The Best 6 Nightclubs in Vienna


I have heard some nasty things being said about Donau Dreams, but as I’m not the type to base my decisions on hearsay, I decided to go take a look for myself. Besides, I had already been to all the other sauna clubs in Vienna and I didn’t want to let any of the beauties there go unfucked. As they say, curiosity killed the cat, and this experience ruined a perfect day as I ended up wasting good money and cum on the few horrible hours I spent there. Continue reading

Exzess Gentlemens Club

I am used to travelling abroad for my summer holidays and this year it was Vienna. After admiring the architecture of the city and its fine cuisine, I decided I can’t leave it without trying the nightlife and by that I mean the brothels and the working girls. As I am a very obvious tourist I was afraid of being cheated and hassled so I did some research on the internet for the best places. There were quite a few of them that the reviews spoke kindly of, but the nearest to my hotel was the Exzess Gentelmen Club and I decided on it. Also, it bragged of having a very classy clientele so I thought that I can’t go wrong.

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Club 28

Club 28 ViennaI didn’t go to this club with really great expectations and I didn’t go back home from it with really memorable sexual adventures to tell friends about, but at least I wasn’t disappointed. There is a chance I’ll visit it again, but after I’m done exploring other places in Vienna.

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