The Worst Studios in Vienna

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Vienna is a huge city with countless sex studios and sex bars. You have a lot of choices and some of these places offer beautiful girls who provide very good services. However, only a small number of them are that great. In fact, there is an abundance studios that you should avoid at all costs.

You better look out for cheap studios with low hygiene, bad atmosphere and girls who provide the worst services. Since there is such a high number of them, it is easy to just walk around in the city and bump into the worst studios.

If you are not well informed, you might just walk home with the trauma of a disastrous session with a completely unenthusiastic girl. Why these studios exist? You may ask. Well, the thing is that it’s pretty easy for them to attract clients with their cheap prices and by offering AO (Sex without condom).

In this article, we are going to talk about the 6 worst studios in Vienna and why you should stay away from them.

Studio Czerningasse

This studio can be found in Czerninggasse 1 and it is one of the three studios ran by the same management. Needless to say, all three of them are really bad. The interior tells it all, as they not only look disastrous from the outside but from the inside as well.

The rule of thumb is if a studio doesn’t look at least decent, then don’t even bother trying. You can only imagine how enthusiastic the girls are who work in such a ridiculous place. They want to get through each session as quickly as possible while being as distant as possible.

That is pretty much the effect of working in the worst studios that don’t reward you much for your efforts. There are countless stories where the client paid for a half-hour or one-hour session and then the girl forced him to leave 10-20 minutes earlier.

Most of the time it’s not that the girls are ugly, it’s rather that they provide extremely low-quality service. In Studio Czerninggasse, you either find pretty girls who are not worth your money or older girls who couldn’t find a job at better clubs or studios.

Studio Czerningasse, one of the worst Studios in Vienna

Studio Denisgasse

You can find this studio under the address Denisgasse 9b. This is another place you can only find negative reviews about. What you can get there is far from the enjoyable and erotic experience you are looking for. One of the main problems with this studio is the same as with the previous one: It is in a really bad condition.

As a result of the bad atmosphere and low pay, the girls totally hate working there. The place is bad looking, unhygienic and according to the reports, the girls are difficult to deal with too. They are also unhygienic, sometimes even drunk and quite unwelcoming.

During sessions, they are indifferent, unpatiently staring at the clock and counting every minute. You are lucky if they don’t end the session before the time is over. Studio Denisgasse is one of the worst studios and it would be better off closed. No one would miss this place and there are many better studios the girls could work at.

There is a decreasing number of clients visiting Denisgasse day by day, as they have no desire whatsoever to visit again.

Studio Lux

Studio Lux is a little studio under the address Nordwestbahnstrasse 9. It has a very bad reputation, just like the other studios we talked about so far. Each of the individual girls working there are only accumulating bad reviews on the various forums and blogs that talk about the Vienna sex scene.

It is one of those typical places where you are definitely not going to get the services you agreed on with the girl. The girls take the money upfront and then it depends on their mood which services are they actually going to provide. They always have an excuse whenever you try to complain.

The girls look sexy and exciting so it is easy for them to attract clients with the galleries they upload online. Then, these gentlemen innocently walk in, pay for the services and leave completely unsatisfied. Make sure to avoid Studio Lux at all costs if you don’t want the same thing to happen to you.

Don’t let the stunning girls and low prices offered by one of the worst studios fool you.

Studio Lux, one of the words studios Vienna

Studio Siebertgasse 6

This one is quite self-explanatory, as you can find this studio in Siebertgasse 6, Vienna. They didn’t even bother to give it a proper name. As you might assume, this one is also a complete disaster. It is an unwelcoming, trainwreck place that has nothing of value to offer.

If you want to meet girls that only upsell and exploit clients, then go ahead. Just look up the reviews and reports on the Internet about Studio Siebertgasse 6. Many of their previous clients agree that this is the studio that provides the worst service in Vienna. A total waste of their time and money.

Sure, plenty of girls worked there that are worth a round or two when it comes to the looks. However, you definitely don’t want to deal with their attitude. They might promise you a lot but once you enter the room, it all turns into a huge turnoff.

Also, those few hot girls can be rarely found in the studio. Only the older and less attractive ones can be found there most of the time. In the end, it doesn’t matter if you get an okay service from an ugly girl or a really bad one from a stunning chick. Studio Siebertgasse 6 better be avoided.

Studio Senfeldergasse 77

Senfeldergasse 77 has a decent looking entrance. It looks so simple that you might even think there is a top-notch hidden studio behind it. Unfortunately, it is not the case at all. There is an abundance of negative reviews about it available on the local forums and they are all true.

They all refer to one thing: Pure scam. The girls working at Studio Senfeldergasse 77 are recklessly scamming our fellow mongers day by day. Do yourself a favor and don’t visit this studio even if it ends up the last one you can go to.

The girls there are ready to deceive anyone by saying yes to their requests and then delivering nothing once they end up in the room. As we previously mentioned, they can always find an excuse. “Oh, don’t touch me, your hand is too cold” “I’m tired” “I can’t continue because it hurts” “Can’t give a blowjob because of my toothache” etc.

If you don’t want to put up with all this bullshit, then make sure to avoid Senfeldergasse 77.

Studio Senfeldergasse Wien, one of the worst studios wien

Neulerchenfelder Strasse 91

The girls working at Neulerchenfelder Strasse 91 might not be scammy, yet they are definitely unprofessional. Here you can find the most amateur girls in Vienna. This studio is at least not the worst one on the list but the chances that you will get a good service here are very slim.

There are way more complaints about it than positive reviews for sure. In most cases, you won’t even be able to enter the room. Many of their clients have reported that after arranging a meeting with a girl via phone, they were welcomed by a locked door. Since no one had answered, they had to leave.

Therefore, Studio Neulerchenfelder Strasse 91 is a huge waste of your time. If you get to meet the girl and pay for a session, then it will be most likely a waste of your money as well.


You already know what the conclusion is there. Our advice for you is to stay away from these places which are considered as the worst studios in Vienna. Also, it is always a great idea to do some research and find those places that look better and ensure great services with stunning girls. There are plenty of those as well.

The Vienna paysex scene can be either very enjoyable or very disappointing. It all depends on the brothel or studio you choose. Don’t let yourself be fooled with the low prices these disastrous studios are offering you. It is better to pay a bit more and have an enjoyable session or two.

Compare it to shopping. Low-quality products cost less, they don’t last long and they are not as reliable as some of the big brands. The same applies to the studios and brothels of Vienna.

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