Goldentime Vienna – A Slight Change of Prices and Rules


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The information quickly spreads from SV blog that Goldentime Vienna has raised the prices of their entry and services. These changes came into effect on 2019.09.09 on a Monday. They not only affect mongers but the girls working there as well.

If you want to see the exact prices compared to the old ones before you visit the saunaclub again, then continue reading. We are going to go through each service and show you how much it costs. Then later on, we are going to talk about a new rule that changed the game in Goldentime.

How Much More Expensive is Goldentime Right Now?

It is not that the prices are much higher now but everything on their list went up 10€-20€. After you pay the entry fee, have a session or two and include a couple of extra services, the difference builds up. So at the end of the day you can end up paying 60€-80€ more than before.

That is not an insignificant amount for sure. Let’s take a look at the exact numbers. We are going to start with the basic service costs:

  • If you take a lady for a half-hour session, then it will cost you 70€ – Previously it was 60€
  • A one-hour session, on the other hand, costs 140€ now – This was previously 120€

This is how the prices of the extra services have changed in Goldentime:

  • In order to include CIM (cum in mouth) in the service, it will cost you 70€ – Instead of 60€
  • For Anal sex, you have to pay a 140€ extra – The old price is 120€
  • Lesbian show costs 70€ per the number of ladies you want to be included – This one was previously 60€ per sex worker

The entry fee has also changed but only for the girls:

  • Men still have to pay the same 90€ entry fee
  • The price for the girls has been raised from 70€ to 80€

It probably would have been too much if they raised the entry fee to 100€ for clients. You are going to spend a lot more money that before anyway, especially on an eventful day. It would have been quite greedy of them if they wanted to bank on the entry fee.

You also have to pay more if you want a VIP Room. Also, according to a new rule, the sex workers in Goldentime can only offer the services specified by the management. They can’t just come up with a “premium service” anymore and take the extra money.

Previously the girls used to offer half-hour sessions with kissing and oral without condom included for 100€. If a girl it now and her clients complain about it, then she is going to get kicked out of the saunaclub.

goldentime saunaclub backyard

The Girls are Definitely Not Happy about It

It was completely the Goldentime management’s decision to bring these changes into effect. Both the prevention of “premium services” and the change of prices have put them in a rather unpleasant situation.

Now they are afraid that many of their regular clients are not going to visit GT as often, if ever. The higher prices might cause clients in general to prefer other places. On the other hand, they are upset because there is no way to exploit Asian tourists anymore. Hopefully this will not cause the girls to leave.

How Should We Feel about the Recent Changes?

It is still not clear how these changes will affect business overall in Goldentime Vienna. Sure, the prices are a bit higher but at least you can visit the saunaclub without the ladies upselling their services. They can’t charge more than the prices defined by the place.

However, as we have already mentioned, those 10-20 Euros can add up little by little and you can end up spending a lot more. If this is not an issue for you, then you are probably going to like Goldentime as much as before.

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