Sibylle Rauch might soon be returning to the prostitution industry

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Sibylle Rauch is considered one of the best porn actresses of 80s and 90s. Currently, the 58 years old woman is thinking to start a career as a freelance sex worker. It is important to mention that Sibylle was cast in numerous videos that were very successful and she still has many fans. Read this article to find out when and where will Sibylle Rauch be available.

Why does Sibylle Rauch want to be an independent sex worker?

The former porn actress has also participated in Dschungelcamp-2019 and many persons were happy to see her. Prior to her participation at this show, Sibylle Rauch had declared that she intends to start a career as a serious actress and she won’t be involved in the porn industry anymore. Meanwhile, she changed her mind and she is willing to return to the sex business. Her motivation is very simple: money. Sibylle Rauch has run out of money and she needs to solve this problem somehow. The man who was financing her with up to 1500 euros per month has ended the relationship. The same person has also paid for her breast enlargement. In addition, the relation between Sibylle and her manager went cold. At this moment, the notorious porn actress is considering to start a new job as an independent sex worker. This is something totally different from what she previously did.

When and where will Sibylle Rauch be available?

Although some persons considered it a joke, Sibylle Rauch’s statement was serious and she will start to advertise her services from 1st of April in Apparently, the meetings are starting at around 100 euros. The interested men can go out for dinner or even have sex with Sibylle. The actress has declared that sex is not mandatory but it can easily be arranged. It is important to mention that Roman Zeisel, the CEO of Wiener Viktoria football club and Toni Polster, the coach of the team, offered to support the former porn actress. Both men were impressed by Sibylle Rauch’s situation and they are willing to help the woman with a job.

Sibylle Rauch's statement was serious and she will start to advertise her services from 1st of April in

Sibylle Rauch has run out of money


The ex-porn star was approached by some companies from the porn industry that proposed her to shoot new porn scenes. Sibylle declined their offers because she considered she is not able to do this anymore. The remaining alternatives for her are either to get a normal job or to work as an independent sex-worker. Everybody is curious to see what decision Sibylle will take. Some persons consider the former porn actress is not that type of woman who can handle a regular job. Actually, a lot of fans are hoping Sibylle Rauch will be back in business and they will have the opportunity to meet her face to face.

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