Romanian man denied entry to Swiss brothel


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A Romanian man was denied entry to a brothel in Küssnacht, Switzerland, on May 28, when three roofers decided to visit the Zeus brothel due to bad weather that made working on the roof hazardous.

The group’s plan for having sex was disrupted when the one Romanian member was denied entry to the brothel. His two Albanian colleagues, however, were granted access without issue.

He believes his nationality was the problem

The Romanian roofer, who speaks fluent German, believes his nationality was the sole reason for the denial. He claims that when he called the brothel to ask about their services, he switched to Romanian upon recognizing the woman’s accent. This, he believes, alerted her to his nationality.

After the incident, the three roofers immediately filed a police report. An investigation is currently underway, as confirmed by the brothel owner’s statement. The brothel owner, in his defense, claims that the man was denied entry due to his disruptive behavior. He also mentioned that three other Romanian men had previously caused trouble at the establishment.

The Romanian roofer, however, remains unconvinced and suspects that the true reason for his denial stems from xenophobia. He speculates that the owner feared he belonged to a clan and intended to abduct a woman or was the husband of one of the prostitutes.

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