Graz brothel owner protested with mannequins against illegal prostitution

illegal prostitution in Graz

Last Updated on April 12, 2024 by Thomas Schumacher

On April 1st, a brothel operator in Graz started a protest against illegal prostitution in apartments by using provocatively dressed mannequins placed outside his building. This wasn’t his first protest; last year, he gained attention by posting ads looking for “girl testers” for his brothel.

Illegal prostitution is a serious problem

The owner highlighted a persistent issue: he believes that illegal prostitution operating in residential areas is increasing. He stated that such prostitution not only hurts legitimate businesses economically but also poses potential criminal concerns.

He advocated for greater police powers in Graz to combat the issue and stricter penalties for those engaging in illegal residential prostitution. A spokesperson for the State Police responded by stating that, while isolated incidents of illegal sex work in apartments may occur, the situation is not as widespread as the brothel owner claimed. He also mentioned that the situation was much worse during the coronavirus lockdown.

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