Legal brothels struggling with bureaucracy and the rise of illegal prostitution

illegal prostitute in Vienna

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An article on Sex Vienna Magazine has highlighted the difficulties legal brothels in Vienna, especially in Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus, are dealing with when it comes to illegal sex work happening in private apartments.

According to the report, a legal brothel in Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus had four sex workers waiting for customers during an interview. Surprisingly, no clients showed up, and the brothel operator blamed it on illegal prostitutes operating from private homes, causing a decline in business for the legal establishments.

Violence against illegal sex workers

prostitution in illegal apartments

The report also talked about the presence of Loverboys from Eastern Europe, who reportedly take a significant share of earnings from sex workers. This added layer of complexity raises concerns within the city’s sex industry.

The article highlighted the problem of violence against illegal sex workers, involving both clients and Loverboys. Cases of violence, particularly against asylum seekers, are on the rise. Unfortunately, many victims don’t report these incidents due to the illegal nature of their work and the fear of attracting law enforcement attention.

Recent police efforts against illegal prostitution

The report delved into recent police efforts to curb illegal prostitution, focusing on private apartments. In 2023, Vienna Police conducted 82 checks in the red-light district, averaging one every four days. However, Vienna’s strict prostitution laws, set by individual states, complicate the situation.

Police inspected 217 private residences, finding 614 violations of the Vienna Prostitution Act. January and February 2024 witnessed 12 focus points leading to the closure of five frequently used apartments. Fines for offenses include €200 for unregistered prostitution, €400 for a lack of health examination, and another €400 for illegal residential prostitution. The rise of apartment prostitution, exacerbated by COVID-19’s impact on legal venues, is a growing concern.

Bureaucratic hurdles are another challenge. Legal brothel operators, who share information about illegal activities, find their efforts falling short due to bureaucratic red tape. Authorities argue that third-party proof is not enough, requiring undercover operations that result in significant overtime for law enforcement.

Criticism is also directed at the relatively low fines for illegal apartment prostitution, especially compared to fines for legal establishments. The police claim fines for illegal apartment prostitution are around €1,000, but collecting these fines is difficult as many women lack registered addresses in Vienna.

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