The motivation is still unclear behind the killing of 3 sex workers

Vienna police

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On Friday evening in Vienna’s Brigittenau district, three women were stabbed to death in a brothel. The suspect, a 27-year-old man from Afghanistan, has been arrested.

The victims were working at the massage studio but their names haven’t been released yet. The attacker came in pretending to be a customer and then stabbed the women with a knife. After the attack, he ran away but was caught by the police.

The reason is still unclear

The reason for the attack is still being investigated. Police think it might have been because of a sexual assault. They are also looking into whether there are any connections to terrorism.

The victims were all in their twenties. One of them was the owner of the studio, and the other two were employees. Another woman who was there managed to escape and told the police what happened.

The police are asking anyone with information about the attack to come forward. If you know anything, you can call the Vienna Police Department at 01-31310-3333.

Sex Work Vienna’s overview of assaults against sex workers

The Sex Work Vienna site has compiled an overview of assaults against sex workers in recent years, shedding light on the risks faced by individuals in the industry.

One alarming incident involved a 32-year-old man assaulting a 38-year-old sex worker with a knife, leaving her severely injured. In another distressing case, three sex workers were lured into a trap by four men who subjected them to threats and violence. Additionally, an illegal sex worker faced an attack after advertising services on social media and meeting a client in a hotel room. Tragically, a prostitute in Koblenz was tortured and killed.

These cases highlight the dangers of working independently or in small studios, where individuals may lack protection against violence and exploitation. Operating outside the bounds of the law can also lead to legal consequences, including fines and deportation for non-compliance.

Sex Work Vienna emphasizes the importance of safer working conditions for sex workers, advocating for licensed establishments where individuals can work with greater security and support.

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