Prostitute from Romania caught without health certificate during inspection

testing for STD

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Enhanced monitoring measures in the red-light district of Styria have uncovered a significant incident: A Romanian sex worker continued to provide sexual services within a brothel despite testing positive for gonorrhea, a potentially contagious condition. The 31-year-old knowingly endangered public health by engaging in this behavior, resulting in charges of deliberate endangerment of individuals through the transmission of communicable diseases.

She had gonorrhea

Gonorrhea, a common sexually transmitted infection, affects the mucous membranes of the urinary and reproductive organs, causing urethritis in men. During the trial in Graz, the defense attorney for the accused emphasized her client’s full acceptance of responsibility and voluntary cooperation with the legal proceedings. Notably, by the time law enforcement conducted testing, the defendant had already recovered from the infection. Consequently, her prior clean record and confession contributed to a lenient outcome—a fine of €630.

Additionally implicated in this case was the manager of the brothel, accused of facilitating the provision of accommodation for prostitution services despite being aware of the prostitute’s positive test result. In his defense, the accused expressed bewilderment at the charges, citing his absence from the premises on the day in question. The presiding judge ultimately acquitted him, citing insufficient evidence to demonstrate his ability to prevent the woman from working.

Remarkably, the sex worker’s detection during the inspection stemmed from her inability to produce a valid health certificate, referred to colloquially as a “lid” in the industry. Eva Winter, the director of the Graz Health Office, elucidated the standard protocol of mandatory testing every six weeks for gonorrhea and every twelve weeks for HIV and syphilis among sex workers. Should a positive diagnosis occur, the health certificate is temporarily revoked until the individual is deemed medically fit to resume activities.

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