Top Reasons why Sex Without Condom is the Worst Service

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The demand for sex without condom (AO) is on the rise in Vienna. More and more sex studios hire girls selectively, accepting only those who are willing to provide AO sex. In this article, we are going to address all the risks of condomless sex you can face in the Vienna paysex scene.

This is something that everyone should know because it is clearly an attractive idea for mongers to seek for such services. Now let’s see why exactly you should avoid having sex without condom with a prostitute:

1. Sex without Condom Increases the Chance of Getting STDs

If you want to protect yourself from STDs like chlamydia, HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea and different types of hepatitis, then definitely wear a condom. All these diseases can be transmitted between partners if they don’t use condom.

It is important to know that this doesn’t only apply to vaginal sex. You can get an STD during oral sex and anal sex as well. If you regularly change sexual partners and avoid using condom, then it’s only a matter of time until you get an STD.

This especially applies to having sex in those Viennese studios where the girls offer sex without condom. They meet new clients day by day, which makes it an exceptionally high-risk environment when it comes to STDs.

2. You are Not the Only One She has Sex Without Condom With

If you go to a place that offers AO sex, then there are many other clients day by day who request the service. This service would be great if you were the only guy who has sex without condom with the girl of your choice.

Let’s say you visit an AO studio in the evening. The girl you go in the room with has probably had condomless sex with plenty of other guys on the same day. Think about it. Is it really such an attractive idea to request the same service from her?

The fact that you are going to have sex with her the same way as many others did before you should make it much less hygienic than you have thought at first. Unless you are the type who doesn’t get disgusted by such things easily.

Not to mention that many of the girls working in these establishments don’t care much about hygiene. This is one of the reasons why reputable places don’t allow AO sex in Vienna.

3. Girls that Offer AO have an Unfair Advantage

Offering AO is an easy and cheap way to attract clients. There are many guys out there who don’t think twice if they have the opportunity for sex without condom. It appears to be more enjoyable to have sex with a hot or decent looking girl that way.

In fact, it is just a marketing catch and more times than not, AO sex doesn’t make the whole experience better. The problem with this is that girls who don’t offer condomless sex get less and less clients while the attention shifts to those girls who do.

Therefore, girls who work clean are often under pressure. Many of them reach the point where they can’t afford not to offer AO sex. Otherwise, they don’t get any clients and they eventually lose their job as a sex worker.

4. When the Whole Service is about AO Sex

When you go to a brothel, you expect to have a good time. An ideal date in a sexclub would be having a chit-chat and exciting sex with an experienced and preferably hot girl. You go there for a quality service.

First off, many girls who offer AO sex do so because they were pressured into it as we mentioned before. They don’t do it because they are comfortable with it. Therefore, they are often unenthusiastic and indifferent so they offer low-quality service.

They want to get over it as quickly as possible. It is not going to be sensual, it is not going to be a girlfriend experience and she is not going to put much effort into it whatsoever. Of course, there are always exceptions but this is usually the case. You get raw AO sex but nothing else.

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