Best Wien Laufhauses You Should Visit

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Laufhauses are among the most popular types of brothels in Vienna. There are numerous establishments in the city, but not all of them are guaranteed to be a good time. Just like any other type of brothel, there are some that are recommended over others.

In this post, we are taking a closer look at each Wien laufhaus that is more than certain to be an enjoyable experience. While creating this list, we took into consideration the establishments’ location, prices, rooms, the general service level offered by the sex workers and every other aspect as well. So, if want to see which Wien laufhauses get our seal of approval, go ahead and continue with the article now!

Laufhaus Vienna

The first Wien laufhaus we are discussing is probably the best place in the city if you are looking to have a good time in a laufhaus. Laufhaus Vienna is the most successful laufhaus in terms of clients and girls.

The location of the brothel is not extremely central, but it’s easily accessible with a car or via public transportation. Laufhaus Vienna is a clean establishment with decent looking rooms and showers in each room. Prices in this Wien laufhaus are 60-70€ for half an hour, 120-140€ for an hour and 20€ for most extra services.

Most, if not all of the rooms in Laufhaus Vienna are fully booked by the girls all year round. This means that there are always 40 or more available to choose from. Additionally, since there are a lot of clients, the girls are active but not too aggressive in terms of trying to get you into the room.

Generally, our own experiences, as well as online reports indicate that girls in Laufhaus Vienna usually provide at least decent service. This can be credited to the fact that none of the girls want to be known as the bad service providers in the laufhaus. Many girls who are currently in other establishments would love to work in this Wien laufhaus because of the earning potentials.

Laufhaus Vienna rooms - Wien laufhaus

One thing against Laufhaus Vienna is that the women want to keep their room, so there are many rooms that have been booked by the same girl for years. This means that there are rarely new ladies you can meet in Laufhaus Vienna, only when one of the veteran girls is on vacation or temporarily absent for some reason. The other con against Laufhaus Vienna is the fact that although the pictures on the website are not too overly manipulated, there are numerous girls who have been using the same photo sets for years.

Other than this, Laufhaus Vienna is definitely one of the (if not the) best establishments of this kind that you can find in Wien. On the laufhaus’ professionally looking website, you can check out all of the girls currently available, as well as their pictures and list of offered services.

  • Laufhaus Vienna website
  • Phone: +43 1 3439526 (0676 961 81 71)
  • Address: Triesterstrasse 41-43, 1100 Vienna
  • Business hours: Every day from 10 AM to 2 AM

Laufhaus Rachel

The other Wien laufhaus we are mentioning in this post is a close contender when it comes to the best brothel of this type. Laufhaus Rachel is undoubtedly another laufhaus that you can visit and expect to at least have a decent time.

There are around 15 girls available in Laufhaus Rachel at the time of writing of this article, and even more that are currently absent or on vacation. The facilities are clean and pretty nice and like in Laufhaus Vienna there are showers in the rooms. The prices in this Wien Laufhaus are usually 70€ for half an hour, 140€ for an hour-long session, but the extras in Laufhaus Rachel are 30€ more often than not.

A unique feature of Laufhaus Rachel is the girl schedule calendar that shows when each of the ladies is occupying the room. This is great feature if you have a particular girl in mind and want to know when she’s available.

The other thing that we would like to commend Laufhaus Rachel for is the fact that the rooms have windows on them, so you can see the girls without having to knock first. Additionally, since the rooms are not always booked, there are often new and cute girls who start working in this laufhaus.

Laufhaus Rachel rooms - Wien laufhaus

The reasons why Laufhaus Rachel is considered to be inferior compared to Laufhaus Vienna is mostly due to the location of the establishment. Laufhaus Rachel’s location is pretty far away from the city centre and it’s not as conveniently approachable as the other laufhaus on the list. Additionally, girls are extremely pushy and they are aggressively trying to get clients into the room. This might be due to the fact that there are not as many clients visiting Laufhaus Rachel compared to Laufhaus Vienna.

Other than the above mentioned things, in our opinion Laufhaus Rachel is a strong contender for the best Wien laufhaus title. There are enough girls in the laufhaus, the additional features that they added make them unique and the service provided here is decent, generally speaking. If you are interested in learning more, check out their website now!

  • Laufhaus Rachel website
  • Phone: +43 676 71 92 010
  • Address: Triesterstrasse 176, 1230 Vienna
  • Business hours: Sunday-Thursday 11 AM-1 AM, Friday-Saturday 11 AM-2 AM

Parting words – One more thing

When visiting any Wien Laufhaus, it is extremely important to do some research and read up on the girls that are working there. A laufhaus can be ranked based on the establishment itself, but more often than not the quality of a laufhaus is very dependent on the service level that the ladies are offering.

As with any other brothel in Vienna, some laufhaus girls are better than others. While both of these laufhauses have decent girls working in them, it is still important to read up on the chosen girls and see what others thought.

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