Many clients were unsatisfied by the studio at Pallfygasse 20

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We live in the era of technology, so we are a click away from the information we need. You already know that Vienna is very popular for its nightlife. There are a lot of brothels, sex bars and sex clubs where you can go and have fun with a sexy woman. Not everything is rainbows and unicorns though. A lot of establishments have different methods to scam their clients. The studio at Pallfygasse 20 is one of them. Read our article to discover more.

Stay away from shady establishments

Sex-Vienna forum has a lot of users and this is the appropriate online platform if you want to share your experiences and read what kind of problems different clients faced. According to XXX Addict, on Sex-Vienna forum, there is a post of a man who was scammed in the studio at Pallfygasse 20. The man explained he went to the brothel for a quick session. The provided services cost 30 euro, but he paid with a 100 euro bill. Everything seemed to be fine until he checked the money and he found out the bills were fake.

  • Here you can read the full post of XXX Addict.

According to XXX Addict, the man went back to the studio and told what happened. The staff gave the money back, but this type of problems should not occur in a respectable brothel. Claudia’s Bar, Contact Center Laufhaus and Eve Bar are other locations you should stay away from. For example, Claudia’s bar is located in one of the worst districts in Vienna. These locations should be avoided if you don’t want to be robbed or scammed.

Although Laufhaus Juchgasse is a brothel with a background, nowadays more and more clients complain about it. It seems the girls are not very professional and they use to rush you. When it comes to Contact Center Laufhaus, many persons have complained the girls are mostly absent and you can go there for nothing. The good news is that you can benefit from high-quality services in many other establishments where the clients are respected.

be careful when you decide to visit a brothel
Stay away from shady brothels!


Our recommendation is to be careful when you decide to visit a brothel in order to avoid bad experiences. The forums are very helpful if you want to find more about a specific establishment. A lot of persons have already shared their impressions and suggestions, so you should consider them. Mostly, unusually low prices come together with scams or poor quality services.

Could you actually get robbed while you’re in a Brothel? We have approached this topic in a previous article. There are different types of fraud, so we advise you to read how a man got scammed with €70 000.

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