Laufhaus Juchgasse and The Worst Laufhauses in Vienna 2019

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With so many amazing places in Vienna, there are bound to be some brothels that are not advised to be visited. Knowing which laufhauses are best to be avoided can be of great importance and assistance to anybody who is not that familiar with the Vienna sex scene. This is the reason why we have decided to create a list of the worst laufhauses in Vienna in 2019 (including Laufhaus Juchgasse), in order to warn our readers about these brothels.

The laufhauses that you will find on our list should be avoided for one reason or another if you want to have a pleasant time in Vienna. So, if you wish to read more about the laufhauses we are not recommending, go ahead and continue with the text now!

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Laufhaus Juchgasse

Let’s start off the list of the worst laufhauses in Vienna 2019 with one of the oldest, but at the same time most notorious laufhauses in the city; Laufhaus Juchgasse. For many people, the title “Oldest Laufhaus in Vienna” should mean a good thing, but unfortunately this is not true for Laufhaus Juchgasse. Here’s why:

The fact that this is the oldest laufhaus in the city means that the building and the facilities in the brothel are not the best, even though there were renovations done on the building not long ago.

Laufhaus Juchgasse Google Street View

The other reason why it is considered to be among the worst laufhauses in Vienna is the fact that nearly all of the girls working in this brothel use fake images. It has become a norm in this laufhaus for the girls to either overly enhance their photos or use entirely fake photos they got from the internet. This means that most of the time if you visit Laufhaus Juchgasse because you saw a good looking girl on the website, you are probably going to be disappointed when she opens the door.

The last, but maybe most important reason why the laufhaus is on this list is actually the price that the girls ask. In fact, this is the most expensive laufhaus in the city, where the girls usually ask double the money that girls in other laufhauses are asking. Unfortunately, the price doesn’t mean you are getting a great service in Laufhaus Juchgasse. On the contrary, girls who work in this laufhaus are known to leave visitors disappointed.

Because of these reasons, we would never recommend you choose Laufhaus Juchgasse as your go-to brothel when visiting Vienna. There are far better and less-expensive alternatives, where you can actually have fun and enjoy a pleasurable experience with a good looking lady.

Laufhaus Zollgasse

Laufhaus Zollgasse (or as it’s also know, Laufhaus Wien Mitte) is operated by the same owners who are responsible for the Laufhaus Juchgasse business. This means that most of the problems that exist in Laufhaus Juchgasse are also present in Laufhaus Zollgasse.

First of all, the prices are on the same expensive level, but at the same time, the services offered by the girls are very low here too. This means that just like in Laufhaus Juchgasse, people leave feeling like they wasted their money here too.

Laufhaus Juchgasse Wien Mitte Worst Laufhauses in Vienna

Additionally, there are not many good looking girls present in Laufhaus Zollgasse, and those who are decent looking usually use extremely photoshopped pictures online to advertise themselves. A redeeming factor of this laufhaus is that it is fairly new (opened in 2018), which means that the rooms and the facilities are good looking. Each of the rooms has pictures of the occupying lady, but unfortunately these photos are usually fake and not representative of the girl who opens said door.

Because of this, we would not recommend you visit Laufhaus Zollgasse either. You can choose much better laufhauses and even spend less then what you would pay in this business.

Laufhaus Kontaktzone

The last laufhaus on the list is probably the worst one you can visit in Vienna. Laufhaus Kontaktzone is located at Raaber Bahn Gasse 10 in the tenth district of Vienna. The brothel has been around for quite some time now, but it has never had a positive reputation among mongers for the following reasons:

Laufhaus Kontaktzone is probably the cheapest laufhaus in the city and many girls who are working in this laufhaus are offering sex without a condom (AO). This alone usually means that the girls are bad service providers and that they are in the job to make as much for as little effort as possible.

Laufhaus Kontaktzone Google Street View Worst Laufhauses in Vienna

Additionally, the place is in quite bad condition, with run-down rooms, no showers in every room and uncomfortable beds. When it comes to the girls who work in Laufhaus Kontaktzone, most of them are not good looking and you can only find a few ladies who are average looking.

All in all, we would never recommend visiting Laufhaus Kontaktzone, as there are far better places where you can actually have fun in Vienna. This (and other cheap AO places) is never a good choice, as more often than not clients leave these places unsatisfied and feeling like they just wasted their money.

Summary: Laufhaus Juchgasse, Zollgasse and Kontaktzone are the worst

These are some of the worst laufhauses in Vienna 2019 you should avoid as much as possible. We have listed why each place is not recommended by us, but don’t take our word for it. Go ahead and do some research on online forums and read reviews that other mongers have left and see for yourself. Online forums about sex in Vienna are crawling with negative or neutral reviews of these places, with an occasional lucky visitor getting a mediocre experience.

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