Comprehensive trial against Graz brothel reveals drug trafficking

Last Updated on November 18, 2023 by Thomas Schumacher

A trial has commenced in Graz that is causing quite a stir. Six former employees of a brothel, including the manager, are facing charges for selling 4.6 kilograms of cocaine to clients. These activities were apparently well-known within the local scene.

Escalation of violence and investigations

In addition to drug trafficking, the accused are also facing charges of severe coercion. Two enforcers from the brothel are alleged to have severely threatened a customer who owed gambling debts, highlighting the brutality within the milieu.

The uncovering of these criminal activities followed years of undercover investigations, during which investigators posed as clients and gathered evidence through phone surveillance.

Defense strategy and insights into the red-light district

One attorney is defending the case by arguing that the accusations are part of a revenge plot by the jealous ex-lover of the brothel manager. The case sheds light on the dark aspects of the red-light district and reveals the complexity of criminal activities in this area.

The trial in Graz will continue to draw attention as it provides deep insights into the structures and mechanisms within such establishments.

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