Continuous Upsells in Viennese Brothels

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Internal concerns of the staff in Vienna brothels are getting out of control, judging by the prices stimulation. Media reports covered a case for an another brothel attempting to raise service cost.

Whether is it a global preference of businesses to charge for sub-units of service they’re monopolizing, or is it just the girls raising the awareness of their superiority, prices are heading up. Recent reports on Goldentime in Vienna hadn’t ended there, the trend is spreading among other clubs as well and the most convenient term for it is inflation.

The all-new news come from – Residenz. Ex-TerminPornBabes, which experienced financial loss for months worth of time and money, had to close due to its bad decision-making organization. They’re picking up the pace and clients are picking up the heat, since their wallets are endangered in this situation.

Residenz displayed their seemingly overpriced menu publicly. Residenz featured for Sophie’s set of services proudly, and it is ordered accordingly to the price. Stefanie Silver, or Sophie, has a range of things she excerpted from a broadened service category, separating them with a proper fee.

Sophie’s Business Plans

Sophie is astonishing, the good-looking figure she has is uncommon. A long, straight hair reaching an extent to her hips, collarbone, pretty seductive face. Her lines and curves are womenly. She’s got C bra cup size and it suits her well since her height is moderately below average.

Disproportional to her whole body, her legs are larger than her torso, especially when she expresses while wearing high heels. The poses she makes and the abrupt sex she offers is quite appealing to the customers.

After all the good appraisal and feedback from the customers, Residenz thought it would be a smart move to charge clients extra for their prospect. That is what Residenz essentially did, with full intent. Residenz so-called ‘extras’ menu, crafted especially for Sophie is to be found on their site. Here is what it looks like, in an ascending order:

  • +20 EUR Deep French Kissing
  • +30 Eur Oral without Condom
  • +30 EUR Cum on Body
  • +30 EUR Licking
  • +50 EUR Cum on Face
  • +50 EUR Lesbian Package
  • +50 EUR Lingerie
  • +70 EUR Prostate Massage
  • +100 EUR Golden Shower
  • +100 EUR Erotic Show
  • +200 EUR Escort

Customers would probably ask around the prices and services, as well as what each regards. “Lingerie” for instance, regards that for those who pays for it, gets Sophie dressed in lingerie. Otherwise, it’s a favor of her choice in what clothing she’ll meet her client.

Quick Info: If you want to know more about Residenz, check them out here:

True face of the price increase

Adding the prices all-together, that’s 730 EUR extra, supposing that a client orders it from Sophie. According to the Austria’s bureau which states an average salary in Vienna of about 2300 EUR, it means that the price is nearly the third of their net average income. This fact can discourage clients from using Residenz services.

Rationally, customers would pick out 1 or 2 extras, regardless of it, they think that the +50 EUR more is unnecessary, according to discussions on numerous forums. Judging from the current standpoint, Residenz is not considering their business agenda.

However, this can mean a change in environment for their competitions. That could allude other brothels to consider as well. Other than the inexpensive services, there are other girls as cheaper alternatives on It is still a peaceful decision, so clients could dodge costly extras.

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All-in-all, seeking for girls on Residenz website is a wonderful and a pleasent time just scrolling through it. Residenz has put a big effort to assemble a well-functioning site like they currently possess, and customers do have a positive feedback on it.

Most brothels avoid displaying the upsell extras, but not Residenz. They are honest with the clients, so if they are willing to pay, Residenz would give them a life-changing leisure time at their brothel!

Regardless of their opinion, it’s what they have in stock. The operation level is world-class and they’ve got the fullest of rights for business decisions. Time will tell how that goes for them, but it surely is a decision that it’s going ‘condone’ with everybody.

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