Refugees In Austria Forced Into Sex Work

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Another breaking news come from Austria. Covering the news referring to human trafficking, it still is one of the worst problems occurring in Austria, and the circling part of Europe.

The word is about female refugees, which the police kept trailing on and on until they determined that it was human trafficking, for sure.

Police Does its Duty to Follow the Traces

The investigation was appointed, counting six Nigerian women involved in forced sex labor. Forces of Austria specialized for combating human trafficking rescued them, ultimately. By the reports of the victims, they were sent from their country, wittingly, to sell their bodies to foreigners far from their home.

Smuggled from border to border, culprits dragged them all the way from Africa to sell them to criminals. Convincing them that they’re in debt deeply, the bad guys were luring them to brothels to repay them back. The girls have split between the businesses accordingly to the debt they thought they had.

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Other Criminal Positions Made to Stimulate Trafficking

To be sure the women are under observation, the bad guys were hiring ‘madam(s)’ to supervise their work. It is hard to evade and flee from the situation tight like that. Women sex workers completely gave in to the bad guys.

The women thought a voodoo curse was upon them. If somehow they disobeyed, ‘madam’ would seek revenge, hurting their families instead, back at home. A total seizure of liberty. Regardless of the demand, obedience is what cannot fade for these women.

International Enforcement

European Union Police, Europol, lead an operation against human trafficking in the near past time. Until now, they saved 29 victims held as prostitutes in brothels in Vienna, Carinthia, Lower Austria, Vorarlberg, and Tyrol, according to police. That’s human trafficking spread among 5 different regions of the country. Six of which were refugees from Nigeria.

Refugees were barely legal, exactly around the age of 18, the accepting shelters identified. So it’s not a cause about fully-grown women but about girls.

Austrian Police Chief speaks on refugees’ conditions after

Officer in charge of the combating against human trafficking, Gerald Tatzgern had something to say about the girls. He says that it wasn’t an easy task to regain back sense to the women.

From his earlier reports, they were convinced that voodoo magic/curse was placed upon them and it was hard to believe that they were finally rescued. Officer Tatzgern analyzed their behavior after. He was concerned because the women were put against so much stress that they couldn’t go shopping alone anymore.

Sex work in a brothel has scarred them pretty much. That’s why they had to take them to a safe space – a shelter for helping women victims of abuse.

The Police Initiative

After the women rescue mission, police conducted a two-day long investigation on suspicious locations. They sought to inspect numerous brothels, massage parlors, red-light districts and eventually refugee centers. Since finding out that there were strangers there as well, they had to extend the search.

Aside from Nigerians, girls from other parts of the globe are also there. Chinese, Romanian and Serbian girls of those nationalities which the police identifies later. Since the search, police kept track of many people.

Eventually, arresting 18 of those suspects lead them to no evidence that they are human traffickers. Instead of accusations against it, the pack are suspects of smuggling, fraud, and drug dealing in Austria.

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The problem didn’t stop since then. No actual identities reveal that one of them was using girls to spread their sex services. As for the Nigerian part of the evil mission, it falls down to the government of Nigeria to find out who is behind the fraud before sending women abroad.

Europol is only able to operate on the fields and soil of Europe. Their role is fulfilled and the remaining job of identifying Nigerian criminals from Africa would make the European criminal search part a lot easier.

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