Police Suspect Massage Parlors to Be Brothels In Vienna

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Vienna Breaking News – old-of-age occurrence where brothels are masking up as parlors is on another rise. The illegal work was caught by the authorities due to obvious exposal of a certain group of individuals related to prostitution.

The reports are about uncertified deeds that Chinese women have been working – as prostitutes – a matter embracing human trafficking violations in Austrian legislation. Seemingly ‘massage parlors’ have conducted illegal sexual services, obviously not displayed on the menu as a proof stake to a licensed one.

According to news, every customer entering the facility is able to ‘ask more’ from the Chinese women giving him a regular massage. Which escalates into a ‘special’ kind of massage by demand.

Chief of Vienna’s Police Unit in charge of Prostitution Crime-wise enforcement, Wolfgang Langer spoke about it. He said that lately there was a drastic incline of these massage parlors. Plus, some girls were of Chinese nationality. Those girls have been working in 4 of 6 unlicensed brothels,  later closed in January.

– A remote increase in pseudo-parlors, acting as brothels publicly, the policeman explained.

The Federal Criminal Investigation (Bundeskriminalamt), jurisdiction on inner-politics of Austria, has stated that a majority of Austra’s brothels have a cohesive bond with the People’s Republic of China.

The Massage Parlor’s outdoing

An instantiated case of Mr. K, accused owner of a brothel, had allegations that he rented an 80 meters-squared apartment for five Chinese women. They had to pay up a rent due of almost 1000 Euros, per person. His business place, so is it, a massage parlor, offers massage services online via massage forums.

Meanwhile, offers on the spot embrace sexual services. The Chinese girls had to earn extra for upkeep, rent and food, so denying sex work was out of the question. It brought them money the most of all regular jobs in the massage parlor.

One grand possible evidence that the women were a result of human trafficking is on a statement of Gerald Tatzgern. Head of the Central Office of Combating Human Trafficking identified that the women came from 5 different provinces of China.

Police investigation tracking

They didn’t know each other definitely, and it’s huge support for charges against trafficking. The police prostitution department has riddled the Rubick’s cube move by move, leading tracks to one Austrian man.

The man which wasn’t personally addressed by the media is spouse to a Chinese woman, and the police are suspecting him of being the middleman of the entire process. His obligation was to find places to open up pseudo-parlors and employing administering assistants, according to police investigation.

Next, these assistants are the subsequential link directly connected to bringing the Chinese women and their work together. Their stated commision fee was up to 1500 Euros off the revenue of these women.

Furthermore, they have had to be careful and fully-aware of the clientele. One false step would’ve got the entire authorities armada on them, as it did. They let one end loose and now it’s official.

Conclusions enacted by Federal Office’s officials

Serviceman Gerald Tatzgern also spoke about the incentive of these women. He says that they’re probably not forced into sex work in those brothels. But, perhaps they’ve put economic pressure to narrow their choices and bound them to work in the massage parlors, as the officer explains.

The prostitutes were unable to speak German and easily communicate with the locals, therefore unable to cry for help from someone. They were trapped in the massage parlors and had to earn extra income from offering sex exchange.  The suspects, brothel owners got into custody for further examination of the recent phenomenon.

For now, the Vienna police acquired investigation sheets to scribe the inventories and censuses of 80 massage parlors, resulting in a possible threat to human trafficking. The matter has taken its natural course. Because of the mix-up of nationalities, the case has escalated to federal conditions, involving Chinese and EU authorities on it.

There are neither further reports on this case. The publicly exposed culprits are of the government’s concern.

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