Black Girls Wien – How common are Ebony Girls in the city?

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Black Girls Wien are, unfortunately, not as common in Vienna as before. And it’s not that there is a lower demand for black girls in the paysex scene. Many mongers are still looking for them and consider it an attractive option to have sex with them. All in all, they are just as needed in Vienna as any other sex worker.

The Reason Behind the Current Situation with Black Girls Wien

Sex clubs and studios in Vienna would gladly employ more black girls if any of them would apply. The problem is that the current prostitution laws prevent them from getting there. In order to become a legal prostitute, they have to be either Austrian citizens or citizens of another European country.

Now obviously, most Black Girls Wien – if not all of them – come from countries that are not part of Europe. The laws are changing and the police quickly finds out if a black woman starts to work in Austria illegally. Although they can get a permanent VISA, it is not something one can easily get.

There need to be solid reasons for that and the system doesn’t have any loopholes to abuse. Therefore, there is a slim chance that we are going to see more black sex workers in the market. You can see it even on the more popular sites like Maxim and Black Magic Escort that there are only a couple of black girls working today.

Former Black Girls who were Popular in Vienna

Now we are going go through some of the former Black Girls Wien that had a huge clientele. These girls really made an impact on the Vienna paysex scene. A few years ago, there were many exotic girls to choose from. We are going to go through the black girls that Nightclub Maxim Wien had to offer, which is the place that always had a strong lineup.


Pamela spent a lot of time working as a Maxim girl. She was, in fact, one of the most experienced girls in Maxim so it’s quite unfortunate that she had to leave. Pamela came straight from Ghana, representing some of the sexiest black girls from there.

Pamela, one of the former Black Girls Wien in Maxim

She dressed hot, she had a steaming hot body and a flirtatious attitude. It was the perfect mix that attracted many gentlemen to the club that wanted to be with her. Cindy was an easy-going, talkative Maxim girl whose sexy photos are still available on the site.


Gentlemen loved to be with Joy who is another talented black girl with a sexy figure. Unfortunately, she had to leave Maxim and probably the whole Austrian paysex scene. The clients loved her, as she had those curves right where they need to be, paired with a pleasant attitude.

Joy in white dress in Night Club Maxim Wien

Joy was always full of energy and looked forward to please her clients in many ways while she worked at the club. Her name says it all, as she has a joyful and flirtatious personality. Joy became a popular Maxim girl rather quickly and we had to let her go at the peak of her career. Here’s an older article about her: Joy & Annabelle – Blackie Duo From Maxim


And here is Cindy, who is actually the sister of Joy. Both are talented Black Girls Wien who worked at Maxim. This seductive and confident girl was also highly popular among the clients. They loved her personality and pretty face.

Cindy in topless in Sexclub Maxim Wien

Despite the fact that she had no experience in the paysex scene, she did pretty well. Cindy quickly figured out how to provide a passionate, all-round service. Her photos are still available on the Maxim official site for those who are interested.

Black Girls that We Recommend in Vienna Today

Although there are not many Black Girls Wien that we can recommend you in Vienna today, the ones we are going to talk about are pretty good in their job. While the quantity is not the same, the quality is not going to disappoint you.

We are going to go through 4 exotic black beauties that Vienna currently has to offer. Luckily, we still didn’t get to the point where you can’t find a single black girl in the city. Take the opportunity while these black chocolate beauties are here because you can never know for how long they are going to stay.


Ella is a stunning ebony girl who currently works at Bar Schönbrunn. If you want to meet a sexy exotic girl who is confident and playful, then don’t hesitate to visit her. You will be surely thankful for our recommendation after meeting her.

Ella in Sex Bar Schönbrunn

Ella is highly experienced and flexible. This Black girl in Wien is ready to make all your fantasies come true. Those nice and round breasts of hers are all natural and she is only 24-years-old. Check out her profile on the Bar Schönbrunn website, her photos speak for themselves.


Thanks to her outstanding body and the high-quality service she provides, everyone loves to be with Sarah. Currently, she is one of the most popular girls at Maxim Wien. With that flat stomach, nice pair of natural breasts, slim waist and beautiful long legs, she looks like a photo model.

Sarah in Nightclub Wien Maxim

Sarah is simply a delight to look at. She is a Nigerian girl in Vienna her twenties with pleasant personality who loves to work as an escort girl too. You can have lots of fun with Sarah no matter where you are in Vienna.


Daisy is currently working at flirtbar Sexeck and people talk about her as the king’s daughter from Africa. Nobody knows for sure whether this bold statement is true but nevertheless she is a great choice when it comes to black girls.

She is a sweet girl with a nice pair of natural breasts. If you are looking for a busty ebony girl in Vienna, then Daisy is the obvious choice. She is cuddly, polite, talkative, and knows exactly how to please a man. Unfortunately the Sexeck site images can’t be embedded, so we are not able to show her here.

Black Girls Escort in Vienna

Black Girls Escort, as Ebony sex workers, is rare in Vienna. However, if you are looking for a black pearl for hotel escort, you can always book the above mentioned girls. For example, Sarah from Maxim is available for exclusive hotel escort, you can order the service via Maxim’s Escort Vienna service.

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