Surprise Ending in Raid on Suspected Brothel


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A person who runs sex businesses in Switzerland got into trouble for not following COVID rules and possibly running a brothel without permission. But because the police made mistakes when collecting evidence, the person didn’t get in much trouble.

Running a business during COVID

In March 2020, the police went to the person’s place after hearing about some suspicious stuff going on. They found women working there who didn’t have permission, fake IDs, and they were doing business even when they weren’t supposed to because of COVID.

The police said the person was bringing women into the country illegally, letting them stay, and making money from their work as prostitutes. They wanted the person to go to jail, pay a fine, and leave the country.

Unexpected Twist

But then, something surprising happened. The judge said the evidence the police collected wasn’t okay because they didn’t let the person have a lawyer. Without good evidence, the case against the person fell apart, and they only got in trouble for breaking the COVID rules.

Because they kept their business open during the lockdown, they got a small fine. Even though people thought they did something wrong, in the end, they didn’t get in much trouble. This shows how important it is to follow the rules properly, and even small mistakes can make a big difference in the end.

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