4 Reasons Why It Is a Good Idea to Visit a Brothel on Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is all about the beloved one. On this special day you should focus on your pair and pamper her/him with everything. But who said that this year Valentine’s Day should be taken in your home?

We have just read the newest blog post on Maxim Wien’s website and however they don’t mention the couples, we got the inspiration and a good idea about how to spend this day: visiting a brothel as a couple.

If you are wondering why this can be considered on the day of love, in this article we will list 4 reasons for it.


1. Unique atmosphere

The boring weekdays can eliminate the spark in your relationship or marriage, and if you even have sex with each other, it slowly becomes boring and mechanical. It is always a good idea to reignite the flame, and spice up your relationship with something special.

If you visit a brothel, it will be indeed special. You will prepare yourself at home and while you arrive at the place, the excitement intensifies.

There are not people who are not excited when stepping into a brothel, unless if you are a regular there.

Mere atmosphere of the place alone will boost your evening and everything will be doubly successful, than usual.

inside Maxim Wien brothel

the inside of famous brothel, Maxim Wien

2. Spirits, champagnes, music

In a top brothel in Vienna, you will find live music, a good assortment of spirits and champagnes. This trio guarantees a joyful evening, you can get your favorite cocktails or shots, or try special champagnes.

The best places in a city have a top-notch selection of the best champagne brands, including Louis Roederer, Moët & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, Krug, Dom Pérignon, Armand de Brignac and more. These brands are hardly accessible in the supermarket and you need to order them from special wineries or champagne stores. If you choose one of the best champagnes in the brothel you will feel really special.

The live music provides an additional layer to the fun, as soon as you consume the spirits or champagnes, your blood will start to boil and a good dance will prepare your body for the remaining part of the night.

3. Threesome with a sex worker

You should definitely try the threesome with your pair and a sex worker in a brothel, it provides a unique experience that can last for years. This visit needs preparation in your home, the Sex Vienna Magazin published an essential guide on this topic. Click here to read it: How to Keep Your Marriage Fresh and Exciting by Visiting a Nightclub

It is better if you try to find the sex worker in your home, as the best brothels in Vienna show their line-up on their website.

However, usually there are few other ladies who are not on the website for privacy reasons, so you can try to surprise yourself in the club as well.

If you are looking for one of the sex workers especially, then it is worth to contact the brothel upfront to ask about her availability on Valentine’s Day. Don’t worry, the top brothels have amazing staff and they are dedicated to providing the best possible services, including giving you the information you need.

If you already met the sex worker in the brothel, you can start the conversation with her and if you prefer, you can share the previous experiences in this article with her as well. You can be sure that a high-class sex worker can give you good advice about champagne selection and she is ready to have fun with you before going to the room.

threesome - couple and sex worker

You should also not worry about the sex, because the selected lady in the brothel will help you with everything and fulfill your desires.

4. Benefits of staycation

A lot of people think that Valentine’s Day is about traveling to a far place, staying in a hotel, eating dinner and having sex in the hotel room. As you could see above, as a couple, there are many more possibilities on this day.

You should not forget about the benefits of staycation, this term shows when you enjoy a holiday in your home or near your home and after everything is finished, you can rest in your own convenient bed.

By choosing a brothel with your pair for having sex, you can have fun even the whole night, temper your soul and body and after you are full with this very special experience, you can go home. No one will tell you how much you can prepare yourself in the club, no one will limit your intimate meeting with the sex worker and no one will tell you when you should go to your home.

This is one of the most convenient solutions to get out as much from Valentine’s Day, as you can, without suffering from limitations or adapting to others.


After reading this article, you might know why it is a good idea to visit a high-class brothel in Vienna as a couple on Valentine’s Day:

  • The brothel environment will spice up your mood immediately.
  • You can consume top-notch spirits and champagnes and enjoy the live music.
  • A threesome with a sex worker will reignite the flame in your partnership or marriage.
  • You can enjoy the benefits of staycation and return to your home whenever you want.

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