Police close brothel in Mallorca because of COVID hygiene rules

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The ever changing and evolving COVID-19 hygiene rules are taking businesses down everywhere around the world. This is especially true for establishments in the prostitution industry. The latest news that we got is that a brothel in Mallorca has been closed after a police raid because apparently the women and the clients haven’t been following the hygiene rules that are put into place. For further details, keep reading this post now!

Police check and immediately close brothel in Mallorca

According to our sources, not long ago the Mallorca police department has inspected a brothel for violations of the current hygiene rule. The police found many people on the premises and determined that the hygiene rules have not been properly followed. At the time of the raid, there have been around 30 ladies present and many clients waiting for their turn with the women.

The police have immediately closed down the brothel after the inspection and it is currently not known when the operators of the brothel can open up again for business.

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