European Union starts initiative against organized crime

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A new strategy to fight against organized crime has recently been introduced by the European Union. The initiative will focus on various types of organized criminals, such as cybercrimes and sex trafficking. These types of criminals are a huge profit loss for the European Union, and there are countless victims who suffer because of them. For further details, keep reading!

Organized crime costs the EU around 180 billion euros per year

According to the EU spokesperson, organized crime takes away approximately 180 billion euros each year, which is around 1% of the European Union’s total output. Statistics show that over 14,000 individual cases of human trafficking have been reported in 2017 and 2018 alone. Over 70% of these cases included young women who were abducted and forced into human trafficking. The luckier victims get found and rescued by the authorities, but many women are still forced to sell their bodies against their will. Since most of the time the women are taken to a foreign country where they do not speak the language they are rarely able to find help on their own.

The initiative intends to put a stop to organized crime

The spokesperson said that they intend to win this war against organized crime and that they are willing to do whatever it takes. In order to help them in their investigations, the Interpol will be supplying information about human trafficking and other organized crime cases. At this point in time we do not have information about exactly what the strategy is going to be.

In case you wish to read the German publication that we used as source for this article, click on the following link now!

Conclusion on initiative against organized crime

According to sources, this new strategy against organized crime is planned to be in effect by 2025. A lot of things can change until then, but since human trafficking is still a huge problem all around the world, we hope that we can see the results of this initiative.

Human trafficking and illegal prostitution are still an actual problem in Austria too, especially now that women are not allowed to work legally in brothels because of the current COVID-19 laws. We will have to wait and see what this initiative can do against organized crime all around Europe.

As soon as new information emerges, we will make sure to update this post. Until then, go ahead and read some of these other articles from the Brothel Vienna blog now!

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