What Happened in the Vienna Sex Scene in 2021 so far – 2nd part

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We’ve covered many news in the previous article but there are more! Know more what happened in the sex scene of Vienna in 2021 so far, by reading the details.

Vienna and Graz – Sex Workers Trying to Make Ends Meet in Illegal Apartments

Since brothels in Austria got shut down in November 2020, a lot of prostitutes have lost their jobs. Although apartment visits by escort girls are allowed, this is not a reliable option for all of them. They had to find a solution to the problem and as a result, they started renting out apartments, mainly in Vienna and Graz.

There is not much tourism going on during the pandemic, so there are plenty of apartments available. Of course, welcoming clients in such apartments is not legal and there are no health checks guaranteed either. Since the girls have no green cards nor permission to work there, they get fined during police raids.

If you want to find out more about the current situation with in illegal apartments in Vienna and Graz, go ahead and visit Sexclubwien.com: Illegal Apartments Rise in Numbers in Vienna and Graz

Vienna – The Police Spent a Whole Week Raiding Illegal Apartments

During the pandemic, many of the girls that previously worked in the Vienna paysex scene have no other choice but to work illegally. The easiest way for them to do so is to rent out apartments and reach out to clients via advertisements.

This got the attention the Vienna Police Department and as a result, they started to organize raids from March 1st to March 7th. They started by collecting data about a total of 171 advertisements. As a result, many of the illegal apartments got shut down and they have also imposed fines on both the ladies and the owners.

Find out more about the police raids that happened in Vienna by reading the articles published on Sexclubwien: Illegal Apartments Raided by the Police in Vienna

Germany – Reputed Brothel Pascha in Cologne Now Has a New Owner

Many brothels have gone bankrupt as one restriction came after the other during the Covid-19 pandemic. Pascha was one of the big names that filed bankruptcy in September last year. Since then, a couple of investors have raised their eyebrows, signalling that they are interested in buying the establishment.

It is still not clear whether the new owners want to operate Pascha as a brothel. They might want to change its name to something else as well. To find out more about this subject, visit Sex-Vienna and read the full article: Pascha in Germany, Cologne sold to new owner after bankruptcy

Vienna – 75-Year-Old Man Got Assaulted while Having Sex

In this shocking story in Wahring, Vienna, a 75-year-old man invited a young lady to his apartment who was 25-30-years-old. It all went well until an uninvited guest arrived to his apartment with another woman. Unfortunately, the whole thing turned out to be not only a scam but a robbery as well.

This team of three has found a vulnerable target and stole all his money and valuables. The old man was shocked and he called the cops immediately to report the incident. If you want to read more about how things unfolded, make sure to read the full article on Sex-Vienna: 75-year-old attacked while having sex

Vienna – Maxim Wien with a Strong Lineup of Escort Girls

Even during these pressing times, Maxim Wien tries its best to keep its standards high and offer a hot lineup of escort girls for outcalls. Since brothels are still not allowed to open, the only way for clients to meet their favorite Maxim girls is to book them as escorts.

At first, they added 5 new escort girls to their lineup in February that are available for booking around the clock. In March, 3 additional girls became available on the Maxim Wien official site. For more details about the escort ladies, visit Sex-Vienna.com: These Girls are available for Escort at Maxim Wien, 3 New Girls are Available for Escort by Maxim Wien

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