What Happened in the Vienna Sex Scene in 2021 so far?

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It is time to catch up on the latest sex news that happened in 2021 here on Brothels in Vienna. We have some exciting news to talk about, some of which are the direct result of the current Covid-19 situation. As one would expect, women that had no other choice but to work illegally are still increasing in numbers.

Many of them get forced into illegal prostitution by pimps, while others rent out apartments to work at. Although escort services are allowed to work, some of the brothels are barely surviving and bankruptcy is not uncommon either.

We are mainly going to talk about Vienna, but there are some interesting news that happened in Graz and Germany as well.

Vienna – Venezuelan Miss Candidates Face Off Each Other in Court

Vanessa (32) and Daniela (22) – both Venezuelan Miss Candidates – now fight each other in the front of Viennese court. Although Vanessa contacted Daniela as her trusted friend, she allegedly took advantage of the situation and forced her into prostitution.

The initial claim was that Daniela did this together with Ahmed, her boyfriend at the time. According to Vanessa, she asked for shelter and got forced into prostitution in return, as the couple took advantage of her not having any money.

Find out how this story unfolded in great detail by reading the full article here: Venezuelan Miss Candidates go to Trial for Pimping

Sex Workers in Vienna Trying to Survive during Covid-19

In a country where 8000 ladies are registered as sex workers, it is no wonder that a pandemic like this one can turn everything upside down. Because of the high number of Coronavirus infections in Austria, the government really had no other choice but to close all brothels.

It all started with the decrease of tourism, which already resulted in the decrease of income in the paysex scene overall. This became worse in November 2020, when brothels, sex clubs and saunaclubs have closed.

Fortunately, Shiva Prugger, activist and dominatrix founded Berufsvertretung Sexarbeit (BSÖ) as a safety net for sex workers. Read more about how prostitutes are receiving donations thanks to her in Vienna on Sexclubwien: Survival crisis for Wien’s sex workers during the Corona times of struggle

Germany – Boyfriend of 21-Year-Old Girl Turns Out to be a Loverboy

A 25-year-old Romanian guy brought her 21-year-old girlfriend into Germering, Germany with the promise of a better future. As it turned out later, his intention was to force the girl into prostitution and thus earn a few thousand Euros, as Loverboys usually do.

The lady couldn’t resist the opportunity, as a high-paying job was promised to her. However, once she realized that the job opportunity was, in fact, in a sex club, things quickly got complicated. The girl wanted no part of this lifestyle, while the Romanian guy got abusive and tried to force things.

If you want to find out how things escalated, make sure to visit Sexclubwien via the link: Boyfriend tries to force his 21-year-old girlfriend into working in a sex club

Germany – Underage Girls Fall Victim to Human Trafficking

The number of underage victims of human trafficking is still well above the roof in Düsseldorf according to police reports. During the Coronavirus, an increasing number of illegal prostitutes started working at apartments instead of choosing the streets.

Ideally, these women would like to work in brothels, but that is not possible in the current situation. Brothels are not working and given that human trafficking is still a prevalent thing, many of them inevitably end up working in apartments.

If you want to read more about this issue of great concern, visit Sex-Vienna and read the full article: Number of Underage Victims of Human Trafficking on the Rise

UPDATE: Here’s the second part of the overview: What Happened in the Vienna Sex Scene in 2021 so far – 2nd part

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