Prostitution brothels closed, but house calls allowed

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Since the last Monday, erotic service providers have been allowed to work again! This includes hair and beauty salons, masseurs, and of course, most importantly, sex workers! Unfortunately, all relevant clubs and brothels will remain closed. On the good end, street prostitution will still work after 8 PM, but it’s of no use if there are moving restrictions in place. This means that the only meetings allowed are private in-house calls.

Pandemic times such as this bring a very high risk for sex workers, referring to the rule that the actual customer doesn’t need a negative test if the meeting takes place at his private property.

So, home visits only with a negative test or facemask

But this is not the end of the struggle for these girls (or boys, if you’re into that). Ministry of Health states that in the case of “direct customer contact”, either a negative corona test or face mask must be worn. However, we couldn’t imagine this being too practical in reality.

Also, home visits are highly restricted and available only in few areas, and under certain rules such as the one that states that the property where the encounter takes place can’t be inhabited by minors.

The downfall of street prostitution during moving prohibitions

Safety measures due to the Covid19 pandemic presented various challenges for workers in the sex industry. Because street prostitution is only allowed after 8 PM, it falls well within the time of restrictions. And therefore, the sex workers organization is currently negotiating with the city government on a possibility to move the street prostitution time a bit earlier.

But as we know for certain: the “oldest profession in the world” was never stopped by any kind of ban or prohibition. And if it comes to the worst, sex workers will get fines and sentences, while clients mostly get away without any consequences.

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