Lucerne: Human trafficking charges against former brothel operator

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A 54-year-old woman has been accused of commercial human trafficking and multiple counts of promotion of illegal prostitution. The public prosecutor’s office is demanding a sentence of 6,5 years and a fine of 120 daily rates and they have referred the indictment to the criminal court.

It is said that the woman has been taken several sex workers without valid documents from different Thai human trafficking rings. It is alleged that she has been doing so for almost two years and she has force a number as high as 29 women into prostitution.

The victims were lured to Switzerland with false promises

The victims were lured to Switzerland with false promises and they hoped that by moving there, they would have been able to help their families back in Thailand. The offenders took advantage of the poor background that the victims were coming from.

On their arrival in Switzerland they discovered that the promises were in fact not true and they had to pay off the travel and placement costs and offer the 54-year-old brothel operator up to 50% of their incomes. Their movements were as well restricted and their freedom impaled.

It is not known when the trial is going to start and even though the public prosecutor’s office strongly believes that the woman was well aware of the distress in which she put the victims, she is still considered innocent until proven guilty and sentenced.

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