Brothel owner wins court case against city of Stuttgart

Last Updated on March 4, 2023 by Thomas Schumacher

A brothel owner in Stuttgart has won a court case against the city, which stated that until a final decision is made on the permit application for an existing brothel, certain requirements of the Prostitution Protection Act do not have to be met. The decision was published by the Stuttgart Administrative Court on Wednesday.

The plaintiff operates a brothel in the Stuttgart red-light district and applied for a permit under the Prostitution Protection Act in December 2017. The municipality has not yet made a decision on the application. The legal dispute focused on the requirements that businesses must meet under the Prostitution Protection Act, which existed before the law came into effect on July 1, 2017.

The Administrative Court justified its decision by stating that existing businesses should be allowed to continue operating without costly and extensive renovations until it becomes clear whether a permit will be granted. This is in accordance with the relevant provisions and transitional regulations.

Under the Prostitution Protection Act, all businesses that offer sex for money must meet certain requirements. These include separate sanitary facilities for prostitutes and clients, separate living areas for prostitutes, and an emergency call system where prostitutes work.

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