The 3 Things to Avoid in the Vienna Sex Scene

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Last Updated on January 2, 2023 by Thomas Schumacher

Unfortunately, shady tactics are not rare among prostitutes in general, and Vienna is no exception. There are still numerous establishments where you can run into girls who will try to exploit you. This is not new in Vienna and it is certainly having a negative effect in the city’s sex scene. Clients are regularly complaining about it on online platforms, and rightfully so.

They are basically losing money and getting bad services, which is a total turnoff when your aim is to have a great time in Vienna. This is why we are going to raise awareness and talk about some of these shady tactics in this blog post. If you want to learn more about what you need to avoid in the Vienna sex scene, then keep on reading.

1. Establishments Offering Extra Services for Unreasonably High Prices

The costs of extra services vary from one club to the other. However, some of them set unreasonably high prices to those services.

Residenz Studio is a good example for this. It is a relatively new place that recently started to offer extra services. If you are the type of person who usually goes for those kinds of services, then a session is going to be rather costly for you at Residenz.

They have a list of extras right now that include deepthroat for 50 euros, kissing for 20, cum in mouth for 50, and anal for 100 euros. That is not even the full list, but their other services are similarly overpriced.

So, you need to pay the hourly cost and then add each of these extra services to the mix if you want to. The final price is going to be outrageously high compared to the price that other places offer. The best you can do is to avoid these places, as they use all kinds of tactics to get your money.

2. Girls Having Fake Photos Posted Online

Yes, posting fake photos is still a thing after all these years. Today, this tactic is mostly used among ladies who are working independently. You can find them on various online platforms were such photos are allowed. The better sites usually filter them out to make sure that clients are not being deceived.

Sites that allow these pictures are seriously lacking in editorial staff. The ladies there are more than eager to take advantage of this and post their fake photos. They can basically upload any photo they want, even if there is a different person on them.

This can be really tricky, as many clients fall into this trap just by looking at the wrong platform. They book the meeting and then meet a different girl than the one they expected. The good thing is that this trend is not popular at all among those girls who are working for a club or studio. It is mostly used by those who work independently.

3. Sex Workers Asking for Your Private Number

Another thing that we recommend you to avoid at all costs is to give your private phone number to the girls. In some of the club, studios, and bars in Vienna, they are going to ask you to do so. This is another trend in adult entertainment venues that can cause you a lot of headache.

There is no need to have any contact with the girls you meet in these places. We know it might seem like a good idea in some cases, especially when the girl is very nice and the communication is great. However, these are the things that could end up happening:

  • Ladies usually collect their clients’ private numbers hoping for more money, not to be your friend or private sex partner.
  • They are not shy to share your private number with other girls who are also hoping for your money. Or worse, they are going to share it with their pimps.
  • They are going to threaten you to pay ransom after you give them your number – there were many cases where the police was involved as well.

It Is Better To Take Your Time and To Be the Picky Guy

We want all of our readers to have a great experience in Vienna. This is why we advise you to pay attention to all the things we talked about in this blog post. Avoid these nasty tricks and you are going to increase your chances to have an unforgettable time with an attractive girl.

Successfully avoiding these traps can spare you a headache and save your money as well. Make sure to keep them in mind at all times and think twice before you believe what the ladies promise you.

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