Customers are Still Staying Warm Despite the Colder Brothels

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Joe Leber, the owner of numerous brothels in Vienna, Lower and Upper Austria, has reduced the temperature in his brothels by 2 degrees. Despite the change, it is still kind of hot in those clubs. You wonder why? Let’s see what the club operators have to say on the matter.

The Last Few Years Had a Devastating Effect on Brothels

During the Coronavirus, many industries have gone through a tough time, and the sex scene is no exception. According to 48-year-old Joe Leber, the past few years were truly tough on the business. It was not only because of the local bans, but also due to the devastating inflation that came after it. The last kick was the steep increase of heating costs, which is a problem that had to be solved promptly.

It was fortunate that at least the customer frequency hasn’t changed during the day. During the night, however, it was a bit harder to keep things going. “It is going to take years until people learn how to go out and enjoy a night out again.” Said Leber to Heute.

And he knows exactly how to do that. Leber wants people to be at ease. In one of his clubs called Napoleonhof in Ansfelden, he offers all his drinks for no more than 4.5 Euros. This is the investment he makes to help people let go of their troubles and have fun.

The Best Solutions are Born in Hard Times

It was all about a small trick that guaranteed that the mood is going to stay hot while Leber is saving energy. One part of it was to reduce the room temperature by two degrees. This already saves a lot of resources, yet this did not mean that the customers are going to feel cold with the ladies.

The special floor in his establishments allows everyone to stand barefoot and enjoy themselves. They don’t even notice the difference.

The successful entrepreneur also runs Leonding in the Linz-Land district and Goldentime in Vienna. These two huge saunaclubs require an absolute powerhouse when it comes to electricity. Washing all those bathrobes and towels to guarantee customer comfort and hygiene is no small job.

As Joe Leber stated in an interview, “I need to think about how much money I can produce and how much can I save at every moment.” He has also replaced the roof tiles in Ansfelden with photovoltaic panels. If that is not enough, there is also a modern ventilation system at place that provides recovering heat.

While the crisis has no mercy on anyone in the business, Leber is still standing strong. He does not want to throw in the towel. Instead, he invests most of the money he makes back into his brothels.

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