All the Things that Happened in Maxim Wien in 2022

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One of Vienna’s go-to sex clubs Maxim Wien had quite an eventful last year. 2022 was an absolute roller coaster for all of us and the events that happened certainly did not make life easier. It was really a question of how each of us chooses to cope with each of the setbacks.

In the midst of mixed feelings such as worry, enthusiasm, fear, and hope, we can say that Maxim has managed to stay afloat and continues to thrive. Let’s go through a short review of the hurdles and small successes the club has gone through in 2022!

The Start of 2022 was Still about Covid-19 Measures

In 2021, we have already had enough when it comes to Covid-19. Unfortunately, the measures were still in effect at the start of 2022. There was no getting around, which made things rather adventurous for Maxim Wien. The club was not able to function until March when most of the regulations were lifted.

The spring was suddenly promising, and Maxim has announced its return. The club was opened and it seemed like every problem has been solved, although not for long.

Getting Back in Business Wasn’t Easy at All

There were still some regulations at play that made it hard for the girls and, consequently, for all clubs, bars, and studios to get back to business. The requirements were high, as there was particular emphasis on regular testing and hygiene.

This would not have been a problem in of itself if the waiting times weren’t so long. These stumbling blocks made it more difficult to get back to normal than it should be. This affected the entire industry in Austria and especially in Vienna.

The women in the business were not particularly enthusiastic about getting back to work either. On one hand, they needed to get a green card and on the other hand, people did not have confidence in Austria. As a result, the number of ladies wanting to work was on the decline.

Sex Club and Night Club Maxim Wien

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Not All Businesses Were Destined to Fail

The Vienna sex scene surely needed some time to get back on track. It took a few months to get over all the obstacles and have everything under control again. By the end of the year, Maxim Wien had everything under control.

They kept their goals in focus and did they best to motivate their workers by working as a team. Plus, they have a team of ladies who kept working diligently at the Maxim club despite the harsh times. Some of them have many years of experience working there and besides providing outstanding services, they also stand by the club even when things are not great.

If you want to read more, then make sure to check out Maxim Wien’s review of the year 2022 on their official website.

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