20-year-olds is tricked into prostitution by a lover boy from Remscheid, who uses a machete as a weapon

20 years old prostitute in Vienna

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A young woman was perfidiously pushed into prostitution by a 30-year-old lover boy who contacted her over Facebook. His colleague used a machete to intimidate another woman into having intercourse.

The suspected males were quiet as the Düsseldorf Regional Court began hearing their case about forced prostitution with the so-called lover boy scam. The claimed victim, a 24-year-old mother of a young kid, did not testify in front of the general audience.

The Düsseldorf and Remscheid suspects, aged 30 to 34, are charged with forced prostitution, pimping, and, in certain cases, rape and bodily injury. The three men may spend several years behind bars if found guilty.

The accusation claims that the 30-year-old suspect “meant to cause” a connection with a young woman on Facebook four years ago with the help of the two co-defendants. The court claims that after that, he “took advantage of her personal and financial problems” and pushed her towards prostitution. The men supposedly set up the meetings and gathered the money after constantly offering the then-20-year-old via an internet platform.

The 30-year-old met his victim on Facebook

The three accused men first refused to disclose any information about their personal situations or the accusations, simply confirming their confidential info.

The 30-year-old was first introduced to the accused victim in June 2018 over “Facebook,” according to the complaint, and she trusted him. A bit later, the first meeting started. The young lady had spoken about her bills and financial concerns. It is supposed that The Remscheider advised her to become a prostitute.

20-year-old went to the police

According to reports, the 30-year-old principal defendant intimidated the woman into agreeing by threatening to tell her religious parents. He allegedly stole her bank account and used her EC card to withdraw about 1,200 euros, increasing the woman’s agony. The claimed victim went to the police months later, in December 2018, after many encounters with customers.

Along the way, the 31-year-old co-accused is also charged with raping a different lady. He used a machete to intimidate his victim into having sex in September 2018; at first, it was about a sword, not a machete.

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