In the red-light district for six yearsIn the red-light district for six years

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A woman pushed into the Nuremberg brothel hell is now combating prostitution.

Sandra Norak met a lover guy in high school who put her into prostitution under psychological duress. The young woman was entirely cut off from the outer world and devoid of self-esteem, but she eventually broke free after several traumatic years.

Sandra Norak was compelled to prostitute for six years throughout her early adult years. The lover guy was her solitary acquaintance because of her bad family situation.

Sandra Norak, an alias, began chatting online with a lover boy from the Nuremberg region when she was in high school. Sandra tells about her hundreds of horrific hours with customers, living in a basement room, and threats that lead to a mental collapse in an interview with After all that had occurred to her, she became determined to become a lawyer and assist other women in similar situations.

Nuremberg Loverboy establishes trust and exploits loneliness.

“I grew up in a little village in Lower Bavaria,” Sandra Norak said in an interview. My parents’ residence was known for border crossings and my mother’s violence. I kept my distance from my classmates and kept quiet about my personal circumstances. My abusers began recruiting me when I was 16, using the so-called lover boy approach, which is a kind of human trafficking. I met a woman on the internet who eventually met me at my ‘Loverboy’, who was roughly 20 years older.

Sandra Norak characterizes the two previously stated individuals’ similar purpose as hiring a new prostitute in order to exploit her and profit. Instable women are the most preferred target category because they are more willing to tolerate more harm. Sandra’s closest relationship became the man after some time.

The pimp con is based on debt, extortion, and psychological pressure.

She began to pay him regular visits on weekends. Sandra is remembering about the first time he took her to a brothel. The lover boy led her to a brothel in Nuremberg for “coffee” with his buddies, who were operators and/or pimps. She had never considered becoming a sex-worker since it was out of the question. As time passed, he unexpectedly asked if she wanted to work as a prostitute: “After all, you can earn a lot of money and it’s a regular profession.” When she declined, the lover boy used a different tactic to persuade her: he started by saying that he has debts and that if he can’t pay them off, he’ll have issues, and that prostitution is the fastest way to earn a lot of money to help him.

You absolutely lose your self-esteem when you join in prostitution.

Her first customer saw her inexperience but ignored it. This is a world that is difficult to leave. “When you begin ‘working’ as a prostitute, you normally have low self-esteem; nevertheless, in prostitution, you lose all self-esteem – you are humiliated, degraded, exploited, and treated like a doormat by customers. You remain mute or tell stories – and become increasingly unreachable to people in the ‘regular’ world: Isolation from the ‘normal’ world is a process.”

Because you are intimidated, it is almost impossible to just say goodbye to your pimp and leave with your money. “I did my high school graduation and completed my law studies so that I could also give legal assistance to people afflicted,” she says.

Norak is now a licensed attorney: “We have underground in legal brothels already.”

“Then I will take action against you, you pimp and people traffickers out there,” Sandra Norak writes of their purpose. The 32-year-old also offers school talks and discussion groups. “To me, prevention and education about the hazards of prostitution are critical. Prostitution is not a vocation like any other, contrary to popular belief in our culture.”

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