Hungarian Sexworkers in Vienna

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Hungary and Austria have always been friendly neighbors. Strong ties have been made between the two countries that date to the former Austro-Hungarian Empire and the gorgeous river Danube crossing both of their capitals Budapest and Vienna

There are also a great deal of architectural similarities between these large cities, both being organized into districts, dividing each city into 23 city segments (Budapest, as well as Vienna have 23 districts).

To the Austrian men Hungarian girls have been very popular for a long time, when they were known for their good service and beauty. However, times have changed and the Romanian dominance in Vienna has made it so that not so many Hungarian girls find their way here anymore.

There’s a big rivalry between the Hungarian and Romanian sexworkers in Vienna because Hungarian girls feel like now they have to offer more services and work more tabooless than years before. They feel as if the coming of Romanian girls to the paysex market is the cause for this change. Not to mention the issue of the AO service, which had become a huge problem in the last 3-4 years in Vienna.

Their mutual dislike might also be fueled by the conflict happening between the two countries for years now. No matter the reason, in Vienna they’re all sexworkers, thus should treat each other the same.



With beauty rivaling the Romanians, Hungarian girls are highly appreciated in Vienna. Their biggest flaw might be their hot temper, but we came to accept and love them as they are. Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder.

Porn Dominance

It might not look like that important, but in order to get into porn you have to be dedicated to your job and be good at it. Again, until Romanians came into the Austrian paysex scene, Hungarian girls were the ones doing all the porn and collecting all the fame.

All we can hope for is that they properly return to Vienna and (at least try to) reclaim their place on the porn throne.


Hard time accepting the rules

Hungarian girls were once known for their stubbornness and for not really accepting the rules and regulations imposed in clubs freely. However, this has changed for the better throughout the years.

Short stays in Vienna

Unlike the Romanian girls (who come to Vienna for weeks, months even years), the Hungarian girls don’t stay for extended periods in Vienna. They prefer to often go home after a few days and relax with the money earned.

This makes it quite hard for clubs to schedule their girls accurately and might upset clients who take a liking into them and can’t find them at all times.

This happens not only with Hungarian girls, but with Slovakians and girls from Czech Republic, but in smaller, less noticeable occurrences.


While the paysex market is filled with Romanians lately, we could use a fresh breath of air, and it might come from Austria’s closest neighbors, Hungary.

Their beauty (and even hot temper) is greatly missed in Vienna.

General Rating of Hungarian Girls

English Learning Capabilities 7/10
Beauty Features 9/10
Body 8/10
Overall Rating 8/10

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