X-Jam Security Cleared of Sex Allegations

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“Thank God,” remarked the 28-year-old after exiting the courtroom.

His deployment as a security force on the Matura trip caused astonishment. The fact that the man had even been deployed as a security guard on the Matura trip caused general astonishment when the judge went through the accused’s criminal record at the beginning of the hearing. The 28-year-old has five previous convictions and has already been in prison twice for a long period of time.

In 2018, X-Jam employed him for the first time as security in Croatia – his rather troubled past life obviously did not stand in the way. On the contrary, the man was hired a second time in 2021, although in the meantime he had been convicted a second time for not passing on the narcotic test. After his release from prison, he was then allowed to be a supervisor at the annual major event for high school graduates who were happy to celebrate.

How did it happen?

The 28-year-old accompanied the drunk girl to her apartment room, lay down in bed with the high school graduate, and, according to her, committed sexual acts that she could not defend herself against due to her condition.

“I said I didn’t want that. I certainly didn’t give him any signals that I wanted that. I told him that he could go,” the victim told the court as a witness.

When the man became intrusive, she turned away: “I wanted to get up, but somehow that was no longer possible.” She tried to push him away. In her opinion, it was more than clear that she didn’t want sex.

The defendant admitted that he had brought the girl to her room with certain ulterior motives.

“She was on a Matura trip,” he replied when asked by the judge why he had come to her room. The organizer warned him in advance that they shouldn’t do anything with high school graduates. When he lay down next to the high school graduate in her bed, It didn’t seem to him that anything was wrong. Then her roommate came into the apartment and asked him outside.

This roommate testified to the Senate that security and the clerk were in bed and greeted him when he entered the room. The security then got up, put on his T-shirt, and left the apartment with the words “This is between us, I’m not really allowed to be there”.

X-Jam matura trip controversies

In 2021 there were allegations about the X-Jam Matura trip. After there had been several allegations of sexual assault around the popular X-Jam high school trip in the previous year – the public prosecutor’s office in Graz had investigated a 19-year-old West Styrian for rape, this procedure was discontinued after examining the allegations.

In the future, security and folder services will therefore only be carried out by employees of professional security companies.

According to Knechtsberger, so-called volunteers, often students, who were previously used for low-threshold activities and were able to meet high school graduates on an equal footing due to the small age difference – are no longer used.

The ex-security officer who was acquitted may have come across the X-Jam through volunteering.

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