Illegal Brothel Shut Down in Tyrol

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In a recent crackdown on illicit activities, authorities have closed down an underground brothel in the Tyrolean lowlands. The Tyrol State Criminal Investigation Agency (LKA) conducted an extensive investigation spanning several months, targeting a three-person criminal organization involving a 51-year-old Austrian, a 57-year-old Turkish national, and a 34-year-old Spanish individual.

Two raids, in collaboration with the financial police

On the night of December 20th to 21st, the LKA, in collaboration with the financial police, carried out two raids on a brothel and a nearby building in the Tyrolean lowlands. The focus was on dismantling an operation suspected of financially exploiting women who had allegedly been coerced into engaging in illegal prostitution activities.

According to law enforcement, the three suspects are believed to have taken advantage of women working at the local table-dance venue over an extended period. Alleged activities took place within the establishment and a nearby residence, with indications that the women were forced to surrender a significant portion of their earnings to the alleged perpetrators.

During the executed raids, investigators discovered substantial evidence, including drugs and a considerable amount of cash in the low four-digit range. The unauthorized brothel, which was operating without the necessary permits, was promptly shut down by authorities.

Simultaneously, in the inspection of the nearby building, police apprehended two individuals of Serbian nationality who were illegally present in the country and had been using forged identification documents.

Four suspects and four victims were subjected to interrogation, and despite the accusations, the accused individuals did not confess to their alleged involvement in pimping. Consequently, they were released from custody.

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