Differences between Luxury Escort and Classic Escort Services

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When it comes to escort services in Vienna, there are a vast number of different kinds of businesses to choose from, based on what they are offering. Clients are able to choose based on the price, the girls that work there or simply going by the reputation of the escort agency. However, when a client wants to have a definitely good time with an escort lady, luxury escort services are the best choice.

In this blog post, we are going to write about the differences between luxury escort and classic escort services, and we will name a few recommendations when looking for the very best escort services in Vienna. If you want to learn more about this, be sure to continue reading the article till the end.

Luxury escort ladies are always clean and dress elegantly

The first thing we would like to touch on is the fact that when compared to classic escort ladies, luxury escorts always make sure to arrive to the escort date clean and well-dressed. These girls know how to present themselves and they are never going to arrive unhygienic. Not only are they elegantly dressed, but they like to put on fragrant perfumes, they like to wear modest but sexy makeup and overall like to present themselves nicely and elegantly.

Because of this, they do not stand out from other people as escort girls, but rather as elegantly dressed ladies that nobody would suspect to be prostitutes.

Luxury escorts always arrive on time

Another important thing for luxury escort ladies is the fact that they always arrive to the date at the predetermined time. This can give you peace of mind and you won’t have to worry if the girl is coming or not. These professional escort girls know very well that time is money and they won’t waste your time or your money by arriving late to the meeting.

Additionally, if you choose a reputable escort agency, it is guaranteed that the girl that you have chosen will arrive to the date. Unfortunately, many escort agencies in Austria tend to send a completely different girl to the escort date, hoping that the client won’t notice the difference or that he is too horny to send the girl away.

The ladies know how to behave in public

One of the most important reasons why luxury escorts are better than classic escort ladies is the fact that they know how to behave in public. This means that if you ever need a companion for any type of event, choosing a luxury escort lady should definitely be on the top of your list.

Not only are they great entertainment for the evening, but because they know how to behave on such events, nobody is going to suspect that they are being paid to be there with you. Arriving with a classic escort lady who is not really suitable for a fancy event can lead to numerous problems. On the other hand, if you choose a luxury escort lady, everything should be fine, especially since these ladies specialize in this type of companionship.

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Luxury escort dames never upsell their services

Unfortunately, a lot of classical or cheaper escort ladies tend to upsell their services once they have entered the room. Naturally, they want to make more money with the session, but this is definitely not a professional move from their part. When it comes to luxury escort girls, they are never going to do this, as their main goal is the client’s satisfaction and not to make the most money in the least amount of time. With luxury escort ladies you will always know exactly how much you have to pay for certain services and the price is not going to go up once the girl has actually entered your hotel room.

The ladies are great entertainers

Luxury escort meetings are not all about the sex, but it’s definitely a crucial part of the date. These types of escort ladies are great lovers, who know how to pamper a client, but they are also great conversationalists, they are smart, have a good sense of humour and overall know how to entertain for hours. Regardless of what you want to do with a luxury escort lady, or where you want to take her, she is definitely not going to bore you.  

Our recommendations when it comes to luxury escort agencies in Vienna

There are numerous luxury escort agencies to choose from in Vienna, but it is very important to choose one that has a reputation of being among the best in the city. As a means to give our readers the ability to choose the very best luxury escort agency, we have decided to feature some of our favourite and most recommended agencies. Choosing either the Highclass Outcall or Bijou Escort agencies should result in a positive and memorable experience. These two agencies are known to provide great services and the ladies who work at these businesses are definitely considered to be luxury escorts.

You can read more about the Bijou agency by reading the Bijou Escort Review that we have posted on the Brothels in Vienna blog! Click on the link to get redirected now!


If you are looking for more than just having sex in your hotel room, you should choose a luxury escort lady. You might need to pay more than with a classic escort girl, but the experience is going to be much better. This is especially true if you want a longer date or if you are planning on taking your companion to an event, restaurant or anywhere else in public. By choosing luxury escort dates, you can ensure that both of you will have a good time in the escort date.

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