Bijou Escort Review (Vienna Escort Agency)

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As a pay sex customer in Vienna, you can choose to invite a girl to your apartment via the available escort agencies. It takes only a few minutes to find one online and book a hot girl from the website for a one-on-one session. To help you avoid agencies that upload fake pictures and provide fake details for the girls, we are going to review one of the most reliable escort agencies called Bijou Escort. Of course, there are a few more trusted alternatives in the city, but this is one of our suggestions that we have additional information about.

This is How Bijou Escort Stands Out

Bijou Escort is only a few years old, being established in 2015. According to the reviews, the agency constantly attracts new and returning customers who are pleased with the service. Since Bijou takes a different approach than most of the other agencies, this comes off as no surprise.

It didn’t take long for people to notice that Bijou Escort prefers not to employ Romanian girls. Usually, if you want an escort service in Vienna, you need to put up with the fact that you will most likely get a Romanian girl in your bedroom. Bijou is for those who want something different. Now you not only have the choice to pick between brothels and escorts, but you can easily get a girl with a different nationality.

Now let’s see what would be the price if you would want to book a girl from Bijou Escort:

  • 1-hour session = 220 EUR
  • 2-hour session = 380 EUR
  • 3-hour session = 550 EUR
  • 6-hour session = 900 EUR
  • 160 EUR for each additional hour

Besides the basic one-on-one session, you can choose from other types of services on their website. You can invite the girl to a Bachelor Party, Sensual Massage, Candle Light Dinner, Limousine Party and other special activities. In Vienna, these are counted as special services because you can hardly find another escort agency that provides them. Want to see the full list? Go ahead and visit their pricing page for more information.

We can say many good things about Bijou, but we certainly can’t say it is cheap. This is not necessarily a bad thing. If not sooner, then later you will realize that you have to paid for a top-notch service that is worth the money. The best and most reputable places in  Vienna don’t go into a price war on who can go lower. Places that are run by legit and straightforward people are not usually the cheapest, but they are 100% more reliable.

First off, the girl won’t try to force you into additional services that will cost you more. This is a common thing among cheaper agencies in Vienna. If you don’t ask for extra services, they eventually bring it up and try to force it on you, which can be a huge turnoff. Maybe the best thing about Bijou Escort is that you can choose from beautiful girls from many different nationalities. As we mentioned before, you can rarely find Romanian girls there.

Bijou Escort Service Vienna Wien

The photos on their website are all real. If you see a really hot girl, there is no need to worry about who will actually arrive to your apartment. The girl you see is the girl you get, as simple as that. Once a girl joins the agency, it becomes a Bijou and also gets a new profile on the site. You can check out the profiles of all the girls in the Bijou Girls section.

The girls displayed on the website are available for booking and you can book a girl for a full weekend if you want. There are also some additional details about each girl that make it easier to decide whether she is your type or not. Besides phone, you can contact Bijou Escort via email, text message, Whatsapp or their online booking form. It is technically possible to book a girl on social media but it should be rather considered as a last resort option. You can find all the contact information on the contact page of their official site.

Bijou Escort had a Short Break

There was recently a period when Bijou Escort was not available at all. However, in the most recent Bijou Escort Blog post, the agency explained this period of downtime and announced their return. The purpose of this blog post was to announce that Bijou is back in business and ready to provide customers with their excellent services.

The agency easily met the expectations of their clients and continues to do so up to this day so there was no setback whatsoever. On top of that, there are some new girls that appeared on their site right after the service came back online. We have no doubt that Bijou Escort will keep adding young and sexy Bijous to their repertoire in the future.


Bijou Escort has proved itself as a trustworthy escort agency over the past years. With its different approach and the range of beautiful girls available on their site, we can conclude that Bijou is one of the best escort agencies in Vienna.

Even the design of their website display that the agency has high standards. You can seamlessly navigate through the website, find the girl you want and book her instantly. They upload HD pictures of the girls which are all real. We especially recommend the agency for those who are looking for non-Romanian girls that provide top-notch service.

Bijou Escort doesn’t want to keep their prices secret, you can find the whole list on their website. According to their marketing practices and attention to detail, it is undoubtedly a professional agency. If you are looking for some fun yourself, then feel free to visit the booking page of Bijou Escort Vienna and arrange a meeting with one of the Bijous.

About Bijou Escort Service

Bijou Escort Service

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