What The Peepshow Raaberbahngasse Is Hodling For Guys

woman wearing grey and brown mesh dress

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I’ve recently had the opportunity to check out the Raaberbahngasse Peepshow and I’m afraid I must tell you that the overall impression is not a good one.

First of all the location isn’t very accessible and it took me forever to get there. I had to change two taxis as the driver of the first one had never heard of it. But maybe that’s just the taxi driver’s fault. Once there it didn’t look like a very safe place to be so I hurried inside hoping for the best. The place was about as clean on the inside as it was on the outside, and I can assure you that the outside wasn’t shining at all. But I thought that as long as I don’t have to have sex with the girls on the floor, the place doesn’t have to be spotless.

I got in the cabins to watch the shows and it was really nice, the girls were not bad at all and I kind of forgot all about myself while watching them. I lost a lot of money this way until I decided on a girl.

The cabins for sex are, unlike the girls’ vaginas, pretty tight and I had barely enough room to move. I know they have to save on space, but really, you can’t possibly have comfortable sex there, I tried all manner of positions and they were all painful for me as well as for the girl. All the cabins are good for is blow jobs, although they could have just used the toilets for that, it would have been cleaner as well.

The establishment lacks showering facilities for the clients and I think also for the workers, or maybe some of the girls are just afraid of soap and water. I would have very much liked to clean myself before having sex with another girl, I can’t imagine being easy for the girls either to taste each other’s lipstick on my cock.

The girls were all good-looking, but maybe the distance between the cabin is too long, more than 1,50m I think. They had a somewhat distant attitude and didn’t seem to enjoy the sex very much. Also, if you have the chance to get one who doesn’t speak German very well it may kill the mood all together. I did manage to cum several times, but this place won’t see me cumming again any time soon.

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