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Warning! This review was written in 2012 and can be totally outdated. Read our 2017 Brothel Maxim Wien review by clicking here.

I am happy to say that I have finally found a place where I can spend a wonderful evening in the company of beautiful girls and quality, open-minded people. This is at least what my first impression is of Maxim Wien Nightclub and I hope it will maintain its high standard services in the future.

The night was memorable

The night I spend at Maxim’s was memorable because, being very familiar with the nightlife in Vienna and having spent many white nights in the company of the city’s hottest call girls, I wasn’t really expecting something new. I did hear about it several times, but I already had other favourite places and once someone forms an attachment to his vices, it is terribly hard to let them go. Luckly for me, some friends dragged me to check out this place and I’m grateful now that they managed to fight off my former hesitation.

The club itself is very chic and it doesn’t have the kitschy air that a typical brothel Vienna has, where you can almost feel the smell of cheap in the air. It is really fashionable and attractive and, what I find it to be most important, it makes you feel comfortable. All of the personnel is really friendly and even if the smiles are sometimes a little bit forced, they are still there. This doesn’t include the girls, who are always full of energy and ready to show you a good time.

I had the chance to speak with several girls and they always showed me the best attention even though some of them had to juggle more clients at the same time. All of them are unique in their own way and some of them proved quite good conversationalists. They had a certain manner of making you feel like you were welcomed there and seemed really happy and eager to meet you.

The night that I stopped by, they had put on a show and I was mesmerized by some of the girls’ moves. They were curving and bending in very suggestive and lustful ways that made me rock hard just by watching them. The friends that had brought me there had come for their special girls and after they retired with them in private rooms I was left with my own little jewel. I took her to a room also and after we had some fun we talked and she told me all about herself and how she enjoyed working there and also the dancing and the company of powerful and successful men. I just loved to prove her how powerful I was over and over again and I could feel her orgasming every time.

Before going home, I sat around with my friends once again and we talked about this and that Vienna brothel and they promised the girls they will only come there from now on. I made no such promise, but I will sure come here again to check on my girl and the other beauties this place is full of.

Maxim Wien Info

Sex Club and Night Club Maxim Wien

Kärntner Str. 61, 1010 Vienna, Austria

+43 699 17172031

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