A Review of Vienna’s Club 28

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I didn’t go to this club with really great expectations and I didn’t go back home from it with really memorable sexual adventures to tell friends about, but at least I wasn’t disappointed. There is a chance I’ll visit it again, but after I’m done exploring other places in Vienna.

The location is accessible, but near a wooded area so it may seem kind of creepy when you first go there. It’s also near the train station, but maybe choosing this site was a strategic move so nobody can hear the whores screaming with pleasure.

The club itself is very small, some may say crowded, some may say cozy. I find it to be a good enough size in order to fit beds so people can have sex, after all, I didn’t go there to socialize or to make any new friends. The décor is absolute kitsch or classic kitsch, whatever you want to call it, with leopard print bed covers and little hearts on pillows and a lot of useless stuff so the room doesn’t appear empty. But it was at least clean and I didn’t have to fear that the sheets were covered in the previous customers’ cum.

By far the most interesting thing in the club were the girls. They were all young and pretty and I would have fucked them all if I had been given the chance. Or better say if it had been free because the prices were kind of steep for this sort of establishment. To be frank it is just a common whorehouse and their prices could use some readjustments. Sure, the girls are hot and sexy, but you can find them in a thousand different places in Vienna. A brothel needs more than sweet pussy to be able to completely empty its customers pockets the way this one emptied mine.

The girl I chose was a dark-skinned little thing with long hair and voluptuous tits that show me all the attention I needed for a whole night. She wasn’t a great conversationalist and I don’t recall what country she was from, I think she had some gypsy blood, but she was very talented in bed. She was very sensual and her body seemed to respond to every touch with spasms of pleasure. Or maybe she was just a great actress and she was very good at faking orgasms. Be that as it may, I still had a good time with her.


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