Vienna’s Exzess Gentlemens Club Review

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I am used to traveling abroad for my summer holidays and this year it was Vienna. After admiring the architecture of the city and its fine cuisine, I decided I can’t leave it without trying the nightlife and by that I mean the brothels and the working girls. As I am a very obvious tourist I was afraid of being cheated and hassled so I did some research on the internet for the best places. There were quite a few of them that the reviews spoke kindly of, but the nearest to my hotel was the Exzess Gentlemen Club and I decided on it. Also, it bragged of having a very classy clientele so I thought that I can’t go wrong.

I liked what they had done with the place as soon as I came in, it looked like they were taking good care of it. The colors were really comfortable to the eye and the furniture seemed pretty expensive. There was a show going on with two ladies caressing each other and slowly getting naked so I took a seat and started enjoying it. I took a look around the room in order to study the people there and I was a bit surprised to find an excess of men instead of an excess of women. It was obvious from the start that all of the girls were working there and none of them had come out of sexual exuberance. Almost all of the men were chatting with a girl or they had someone beside them and soon I was also approached by a very blonde girl who started making uninteresting conversation.

The music was too loud to really make out anything she was saying. She knew her trade well and we soon ended up in one of the rooms with her on top of me. She was very aggressive and she kept suggesting sexual experiences I hadn’t even thought about until then, but I thought this must be the way the Austrians do it. She also brought another girl, but at that point, I was too tired and too drunk to really function properly. When I at least had the energy to leave it was almost morning and many of the clients had cleared out already. The bill amounted to a staggering sum that I’m ashamed to admit even to myself. The sex was indeed memorable, but for that money, I could have called four prostitutes to my hotel room.

Exzess Gentlemens ClubExzess Gentlemens Club

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