What Kind Of Services Vienna’s Donau Dreams Has For You

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I have heard some nasty things being said about Donau Dreams, but as I’m not the type to base my decisions on hearsay, I decided to go take a look for myself. Besides, I had already been to all the other sauna clubs in Vienna and I didn’t want to let any of the beauties there go unfucked. As they say, curiosity killed the cat, and this experience ruined a perfect day as I ended up wasting good money and cum on the few horrible hours I spent there.

The place itself is not that bad, it’s pretty clean and decent, although it looks more like somebody’s home than a club. The Kino is very small, almost as small as the pool and some of the girls’ tits, and I would even venture in there. The food was plain and tasteless, not that I was in any mood to eat after seeing the girls. Besides, some were so fat that I wasn’t able to eat in front of them for fear they would snatch it right out of my hand.

I don’t want to be that type of rude guy who doesn’t see women for their inner beauty and this kind of crap, but I had come there to fuck beautiful girls and pay them accordingly, not to be subjected to the sexual advances of whales that had crawled right out of the Danube. I am dramatizing the situation, of course, there were some nice girls there too, and most of them were actually just plain, not ugly. But there were some of them who really had no place there and who would have had trouble getting sex for free, let alone for money. Maybe if they paid the guy and he would have been able to get it up.

Disappointed and outraged I finally accepted a message that led to a not very impressing blow job and then walked around the area in the hope that girls would come in for a new shift or something. My patience paid off as a new girl appeared, a very cute blonde called Monique. I drew her attention quickly and lead her into a room as I was afraid someone else would steal her from me. Unfortunately, she wasn’t very open to all the kinky stuff I usually like and I had to pay a lot more money to get her to do it my way.

Long story short, the only dreams you’ll get after visiting Donau Dreams are nightmares.

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