Why Vienna is The Place To Have an Awesome Bachelor Party

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A bachelor party marks a unique event in every man’s life. Their marriage to the woman they love and cherish. Marriages are usually meant to be forever.

To be more accurate, a bachelor party represents the last party as a “single man” for the groom. The last chance for him to do things he hasn’t done before alongside his friends.

A typical bachelor party

The most common custom for a bachelor party is to make it unforgettable. Or to make it forgettable with lots and lots of booze. Of course, a stripper shouldn’t be missing here. Or strippers, depends on the funds available for this party.

There are some friends that tend to go overboard with such parties, thinking that the wife of the soon-to-be groom will never let him party with his friends, ever. Such things are of course, outdated. In a normal marriage, conversations are a great factor into getting along for a very long time.

These friends, similar to how the “Hangover” plot played out, are scared of the fact that you’re getting married and leaving them “behind”. They don’t realize that you will be the same friend, even if years pass by.

So, with that thought in mind they have a tendency to throw the “best” bachelor party ever. But oftentimes, they choose the wrong location or get too many or too few strippers.

What would be the best location for a bachelor party?

Well, a place that combines alcohol, good music and beautiful ladies. That eventually strip or even have sex. Taking all of this into consideration, a brothel is the ideal place for a bachelor party.

Most brothels have a bar or a scene where the ladies can dance and strip, on music of course. On top of that, there’s always the possibility to take the brothel-girls in the rooms for a nice fuck. Obviously all of this can cost money, but money’s never an issue when we’re talking about the “last party as a single man” of a groom.

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Because this party is for the groom and his friends, the groom is in no way obliged to have sex with these brothel-girls. They can be a pleasure to his eyes and a pleasure to his friends sexual desires.

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