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There have been a lot of things happening recently in German speaking countries when it comes to prostitution related news. Obviously, the Coronavirus has had an immense impact on the sex scene, which lead to new laws being introduced, limitations to what can and can’t be done, and businesses being destroyed. This post will focus on the latest news that has happened in some of the surrounding German speaking countries where prostitution is legalized and regulated. We’ve decided to focus on these countries not only because of the common language, but also because the prostitution laws are similar to what we’re experiencing in Austria.

In this post, we will be featuring articles from the Sex in Vienna blog, which is a news portal dedicated to the Viennese and Austrian sex market. In case you wish to read any of those posts, be sure to click on the links and read the original articles.

New brothel identification laws in Switzerland

As a result of the Coronavirus, the Swiss government has introduced a set of new laws that all clients who wish to visit a brothel in Zurich have to respect. According to these new laws, upon entering a brothel, clients are required to show their ID cards and identify themselves. The brothel owners are required to ask for verification and they need to keep the collected data for up to a month. Naturally, many people are outraged because of this, as they don’t want people to know that they have visited a brothel.

The Sex-Vienna article also showcases the current laws in Vienna too, so if you are interested in reading more about the laws in Switzerland or Austria, make sure to read the original article by clicking on the link!

Original Sex-Vienna article: New brothel identification laws in Switzerland

Pascha in Germany, Cologne files for bankruptcy

As previously mentioned, not every business is able to survive the new restrictions introduced by the COVID-19 disease. One of the biggest brothels in Europe has also fell victim to the virus’ restrictions. Pascha in Cologne, Germany has recently filed for bankruptcy as a result of the new laws. According to the owner of the brothel, they weren’t allowed to open and the government isn’t able to tell them when they can start doing business again. Because of this, the Pascha brothel in Cologne is currently closed and nobody knows when they will be allowed to open again.

For more information about the Pascha brothel’s bankruptcy, read the full article now!

Original Sex-Vienna article: Pascha in Germany, Cologne files for bankruptcy

Changes to the Green Card Health Exam in Vienna

The Coronavirus not only made it impossible for businesses to operate for a few months in Vienna, but it also made it very difficult for women to do their initial or recurring health checks in the city. As a response to this, the Centre for Sexual Health in Vienna introduced a new way of acquiring the Green Card that’s necessary for legal work in Wien. The women who wish to work in the Vienna sex scene can now apply for their health exams online. This means that there shouldn’t be long waiting times for the acquisition of the necessary legal documents any longer.

Read more about these new changes by visiting the original article now!

Original Sex-Vienna article: Changes to the Green Card Health Exam in Vienna

Introducing the new Sex Vienna Erotic Directory

In addition to all the recent news that was posted on the Sex-Vienna blog, they have also introduced a new erotic directory to the audiences. This directory is a place that combines all brothels, sex clubs, escort agencies and other similar businesses in Vienna in one convenient place. This is very good news since so far, mostly non-Austrian directories were available on the internet. Since the Sex-Vienna blog is dedicated to the sex scene in Austria, we expect to see a nice collection of businesses soon.

To check out the erotic directory be sure to read the full article on the Sex-Vienna blog!

Original Sex-Vienna article: Introducing the new Sex Vienna Erotic Directory

Parting words on the latest sex scene news

The Sex-Vienna blog is a great place to find the latest news about the sex scene in Vienna and the surrounding area. You should definitely check out that blog too in addition to regularly visiting our Brothel Vienna blog for your latest news pieces. By following these blogs, you are able to learn about the newest and most interesting stories surrounding the prostitution scene.

For other articles from our own blog, take a closer look at these related posts now!

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