How long perfect sex lasts: insights into Austria’s love life revealed by new study


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In a recent groundbreaking study, the enigmatic world of Austria’s intimate affairs has been illuminated, offering an intriguing glimpse into the optimal timeline for sexual encounters and the contrasting preferences of couples and singles alike. Carried out as part of a comprehensive cross-regional analysis encompassing the DACH countries (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland), the study delves deep into the intricacies of personal relationships behind closed doors.

Cracking the code: the 13-14-21 intimacy equation

Evidently, Austrians have a penchant for extending their passionate rendezvous to a sumptuous span exceeding three-quarters of an hour. The magic equation to this sensuous symphony appears to be 13-14-21: a tantalizing 13 minutes dedicated to foreplay, a fervent 14 minutes for the crescendo of the sexual act, and a languorous 21 minutes to wrap up in an affectionate embrace.

Positioned comfortably at the mid-range within the DACH spectrum, Austria’s timing is in stark contrast to its neighbors. The Germans, known for their passionate pursuits, prefer a marathon session of approximately 51 minutes, while the Swiss opt for a slightly brisker 47-minute interlude.

What’s intriguing is the unanimous agreement across the DACH tapestry regarding the actual act itself, with a consensus settling around 14 to 15 minutes as the goldilocks zone. These revelatory insights have stemmed from a trio of comprehensive surveys meticulously orchestrated by Parship, spanning the intimate landscapes of Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.

Solo desires: the longing for extended intimacy

Across all borders, a harmonious chorus echoes: singles have grander expectations when it comes to the length of their romantic encounters, compared to their coupled counterparts. In Austria, the solo hearts dare to dream of a lavish 61 minutes of unadulterated connection—a striking contrast to the 43 minutes deemed sufficiently fulfilling for those treading the path of commitment.

This longing for extended post-act intimacy manifests in the desire for nearly double the time spent cuddling (29 minutes for singles versus 17 minutes for couples). From the entrancing domain of foreplay (16 minutes for singles versus 12 minutes for couples) to the climactic crescendo of the act itself (16 minutes for singles versus 13 minutes for couples), singles luxuriate in extended pleasures.

Navigating new horizons: partnerships and exploration

Sexual therapist Dania Schiftan illuminates, “when singles embark on the journey with a new sexual partner, the focus amplifies on an exhaustive exploration. It involves investing more time, embracing bolder experimentation, and fostering a fearless curiosity.

Unlike seasoned couples, who often interpret sex as a routine, singles perceive it as an exhilarating event. Yet, discerning whether these cited durations reflect a grounded expectation or an aspirational ideal remains a nuanced challenge.”

Age and the metamorphosis of desires

The study unveils an engaging correlation between age and the evolution of sexual appetites. When quizzed about their desired duration for a fulfilling escapade, Austrian men and women’s responses align remarkably (47 minutes versus 49 minutes, respectively).

Delving deeper into the age-based analysis, a distinctive pattern emerges. Those below the age of 50 harbor a conviction that a more extended sexual act holds the key. For the sub-50 group, the magic window stands at a compelling 16 minutes, dipping slightly to 14 minutes for the half-century mark, and further reducing to 11 minutes for those gracefully traversing their 60s.

Fascinatingly, the importance of prelude and post-act embraces escalates progressively. Respondents aged below 40 advocate for a 12-minute foreplay, blossoming to 14 minutes for those embracing the fifth decade. When it comes to the afterglow, the 30- to 39-year-olds prefer a 15-minute dalliance, while the other age brackets extend their embrace to a decadent 20 to 24 minutes.

Navigating transitions: shift in focus

The study discerns a shift in sexual expectations, often mirroring the phase of life. As age matures, the prism through which individuals perceive intimacy transforms. The focal point shifts from performance to pleasure, connection, and the very essence of the experience itself. Dania Schiftan underscores, “as age advances, people develop an affinity for varied dimensions of intimacy. With each passing year, the emphasis on enjoyment, connection, and the profound bond with a partner intensifies, while the notion of ‘performance’ takes a back seat.”

These findings cast light on the intricate mosaic of sexual inclinations, interweaving threads of intimacy, connection, and personal growth, ultimately painting a captivating tableau of Austria’s amorous landscape.

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