Shedding Light on Prostitution: A Closer Look at the Challenges and Realities

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We read an interesting article on that delved into the multifaceted world of prostitution. The piece featured an interview with Saskia Nitschmann, a passionate Berlin-based exit support worker who helps women leave the sex trade. Nitschmann’s insights shed light on the dark underbelly of the industry, challenging preconceived notions and highlighting the urgent need for public awareness and support.

The Complex Realities of Prostitution

Nitschmann, a dedicated member of the Sisters organization, shared her observations on how the landscape of prostitution in Berlin has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic. She emphasized that the notion of self-determined sex work is rare, with coercion and exploitation serving as the predominant factors driving women into the trade.

Contrary to popular belief, this coercion does not always involve physical force but can manifest in economic pressures or deceptive promises.

The Harms and Challenges Faced by Prostituted Women

The interview further explored the immense physical and psychological damage endured by women in prostitution. Nitschmann recounted distressing tales of women suffering from back and hip problems due to the weight exerted on them during sexual encounters. Additionally, she highlighted the violence often accompanying these encounters, leading to severe injuries.

Repetitive and frequent sexual activity in brothels can also result in genital health issues, such as tears and scarring, causing chronic pain and inflammation. Furthermore, Nitschmann revealed the disturbing trend of clients demanding unprotected sex, disregarding the mandatory use of condoms.

The Role of Drug Addiction

Addressing the issue of drug addiction, Nitschmann pointed out the widespread prevalence of substance dependency within the industry. Pimps or managers often not only overlook these addictions but actively foster them.

Substance abuse is used as a means of manipulation, rendering women more compliant, easily controlled, and economically beneficial. It is a distressing cycle of exploitation within an already exploitative environment.

Challenging Misconceptions

Nitschmann criticized the prevailing public perception that there are “nice clients” within the industry. She stressed that even if a client appears friendly, the very act of paying for sexual services perpetuates a system of exploitation.

Engaging in sex work under such circumstances compromises the agency and autonomy of the individuals involved, irrespective of temporary moments of politeness.

The Urgent Need for Change

The article highlighted the complacency of the public regarding the reality of prostitution. Nitschmann expressed her frustration with the lack of protective measures for prostituted women and the general apathy towards their well-being.

The portrayal of prostitution as a legitimate profession akin to any other job further perpetuates this complacency. Nitschmann emphasized the necessity for increased awareness, empathy, and supportive measures to provide avenues for women to exit the industry.

Assisting Women on the Path to Exit

As an exit support worker, Nitschmann described her role in helping women escape prostitution. Sisters, the organization she is associated with, offers crucial support, including finding secure housing, accompanying women to various appointments, and providing translation services.

However, the path to exiting is not without obstacles, with debts accumulated during their involvement in prostitution often acting as significant barriers.


The article on and the insights shared by Saskia Nitschmann brought attention to the complex and challenging realities faced by women in the world of prostitution. It revealed the urgent need for society to recognize and address the coercion, exploitation, and harm prevalent within the industry.

By amplifying these voices, raising awareness, and providing support, we can work towards creating a safer, more compassionate society for those seeking to exit prostitution.

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