Vienna’s Famous Laufhaus Juchgasse 11a Is an Unique Brothel

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Laufhaus Juchgasse is just my place of establishment. You can go whenever you want and choose between dozens of girls and if they are good you know where to find them the next time around. Indeed, some of the girls are known to have worked here for several years.

I know that the rooms are not as clean as they could be and even some of the girls are reputed to practice sex without protection, but everyone has to watch out for himself. After all, they don’t force you not to wear a condom.The photos of the girls are also sometimes better than the girls themselves, but you have to talk to the girl in advance and agree upon the performance and the prices anyway, so you can have a good look before you settle on anything.

I like that there are girls from all over the world to choose from. Most of them are from Eastern Europe obviously, but there are some good Austrian and German girls as well as some very pretty Asians with cute little pussies. My favourites remain the blondes and there are plenty to see there.

What really annoys me is that some of the most popular girls who are in high demand tend to work little and it’s difficult to get an appointment with them. It’s like setting an appointment to meet the president. Then, because their fame is so well established they don’t really put heart into what they’re doing anymore and you end up paying a lot of money for a not very remarkable experience. It happened me more than once and that is why I only go after more accessible girls who know how to service.

Also, the security is not the best. The girls have an alarm button, but it still takes time until the security arrives. I was enjoying a good time once when I heard screams in the room next to me. The girl next door seemed to have gotten herself involved with a lunatic and he tried and even succeeded in beating her. Soon there were people shouting everywhere and cursing and crying and the crazy man was chasing the poor girl down the corridor. Finally, the police came and apprehended him, but by then my disposition was completely shot and my girl also wasn’t he same anymore. But things like this happen very rarely and all in all, it’s a good place to enjoy yourself.

Laufhaus Juchgasse 11a - Laufhasu Vienna

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