Great Spots For Having an Indoor Quickie in Vienna

time lapse photography of cars on road near the vienna state opera in austria during night time

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Vienna has a truly lustful vibe wherever you go in the city. It’s not just because of the culture or a brothel you visit, but the whole setting. The city’s inhabitants have a liberal view over sex and they love to get naughty too. You can never know who’s having sex in the restaurant or party you’re at. There are some amazing places in Vienna that are perfectly suited for a quick little romp. They can be the space for you to have some truly memorable sex with your partner. So if you’re visiting soon or hang around in Vienna a lot, here are the finest places you can have a quickie at.

Hotel Orient

Hotel Orient is THE perfect place for having a quickie because it rents rooms by the hour. The rooms have luxurious features as well, such as spas. It’s peaceful, quiet and nobody will bother your romantic getaway. Rent a room for a few hours and take part in a really luxurious sexy experience.

Quick Info: Hotel Orient is easily the best place for quickies. Check out what they offer for romantic lovers like you on their website:

The Urania Observatory

Most places that have unusual working hours are well-suited for quickies. One of these places is the Urania Observatory. It could serve as the perfect place for a quickie in early morning hours or late at night. Buy a ticket, find a quiet little corner and enjoy gazing at the galaxy as you have some sweet sex with your partner. Come and take part in this unique experience as so many did before you.


Looking to go for a swim and bathe a little for the afternoon? Ambieland offers quiet dressing rooms that can be perfect for a quick romp. You just have to slip out of your clothes and enjoy your time together before you slip into your swimsuit. It will make for a much more refreshing visit and your day at the pool will be ten times better.

The Sacher Hotel’s Bathroom

The Sacher Hotel is a perfect place to stay at, but it’s even better for a few drinks and a quickie. Enjoy your time at the bar, while downing a few whiskeys. When you feel it’s time, slip into the same bathroom booth without anyone seeing you. You’ll be greeted with the classiest version of a public bathroom.

The Weiner Staatsoper

Quickies are mostly free, but this one will be the most expensive quickie you ever had. If you like both classical music and sex, why not mix them together? So many people never thought about having sex here. Why not find a comfortable backseat and tune your climax with the climax of the orchestra. It doesn’t even have to be a quiet one if you can make a sound like a trombone or a soprano.

The London Phonebooth In Front of Hunderwasserhaus

You can find a London phonebooth on the street, at the Hunderwasserhous. It can be your perfect spot for the party. Just slip into this quiet little phonebooth and make the most of the moment. Just be careful to do it as early in the morning or as late at night as you can. It’s beside a road and you don’t want to be seen by a cleaner crew or something. Ladies should wear a skirt for this one, to make things more practical.


Car2Go is a car-sharing service that requires a membership. You’ll have to register and rent a car for this one. After that, find the car nearest to you and drive off to Vienna Woods or another beautiful vantage point. It can be the perfect place for the two of you to enjoy the sundown. It can easily make for one of your most romantic quickies ever.


A brother isn’t the only place you can have some exceptional fun. Places like this are all over the city, you just have to use your creativity. Who knows how many great places are out there that we didn’t even think about. It’s up to you to find them! I hope that you found your perfect destination on this list and that you enjoyed reading this article. Do you know a special place for a quickie? Share it with us in the comments below!

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