Eve Bar Closes and Takes Its Taxi Scams With It

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Eve bar was notorious among the pouters of Vienna, as it is one of the sneakiest brothels in the city. They were cheating and scamming, taking advantage of tourists and wealthy drunk guys wherever they could. But all that came to the end as Eve Bar closed and took all of its scamming with it. Right now, the venue is closed and it seems that it’s up for sale.

How Eve Bar Was Scamming People

Drunken tourists in Vienna aren’t a new sight for anyone, and some people seek to make good money off them. Over the past few years, eve bar was paying hefty commissions to taxi drivers to bring such guys to its doorstep. If a drunken, wealthy-looking tourist sat into one of these taxi driver’s car and asked for a place to have sex, they knew where to take him.

The unsuspecting tourists were taken to eve bar, where they had to pay commissions up to 65€. They had to pay even more if the club held a special event. While most respectable clubs ask only for 10€ commissions. Very few people turned away from their doorstep, although they should have.

The high commission fee isn’t too horrendous. What is horrendous, however, is the fact that the service they got wasn’t nearly as good. Most victims reported that the girls they were with were truly lackluster. It was like they had no intention of pleasuring him and actually doing what they were paid for.

The reason behind all this is simple. Eve Bar is just a tourist trap that charged insane bills and left its clients unsatisfied.

How it went on For So Long

The interesting thing about Eve Bar is the fact that it doesn’t have an online presence. Why? Because it’s much easier to hide that way. They acquired most of their customers through the taxi drivers they paid. Even so, pouters wrote plenty of blog and forum posts about them. This one, for example, outlines everything that’s wrong with the place and gives a heads up to everyone.

They tried to expose their shady tactics but their posts couldn’t reach the people that needed them the most. New, unsuspecting tourists were just lured into Eve Bar and got scammed. Even those who just wanted a quick session without anything special walked away with dissatisfaction. They just got a huge bill to show for it.

With so many taxi drivers taking part and so few people speaking about it online, it’s no wonder that this scamming could continue for so long.

Shady Tactics in Other Viennese Establishments

Eve Bar isn’t the only Viennese club to scam clients and use shady tactics. Although it is the evilest one. Regardless, it serves as a good example of what the sex business isn’t about. It’s not about trying to take as much money out of people’s pockets for as little as possible. It’s about serving people with something they truly enjoy. Scamming was never a successful business model for any business, at least not for long.

Some brothels are still doing credit card scams or giving insanely large bills to their clients, so we should always keep our eyes peeled. Thanks to the internet age, we can give reviews and read what other people experienced in various clubs. So if anything, Eve Bar serves as a reminder that we must read them.

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Some bars also got closed recently, but not because of scamming. They just couldn’t adapt to the changes in the sex business. One of these is the Tete a Tete Bar, which is up for sale now.


Scamming clients and using shady tactics to make money is not a sustainable business model. It will get windows broken and cause a flood of other problems. Now that Eve Bar closed, there’s one culprit less in Vienna’s sex scenes. But you should still keep your eyes peeled for scammers and avoid them. Moreover, you should let your fellow pouters know about them as soon as possible. We can make the best of what Vienna has to offer if we stick together.

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