Brothel Maxim Wien Review 2017

Brothel Maxim Wien is located in the center of Wien, at Kärntnerstrasse 61. You won’t miss this brothel in Vienna, as there’s a prominent Maxim sign right above the entrance. It is right between two restaurants; Soprano and Wok & More. The outside look of the brothel is elegant and a little old-fashioned.

Maxim is a brothel and a sexclub with striptease, drinks and rooms where clients can take the girls. Additionally, they also offer a hotel escort service. Maxim is one of the last places in Vienna that offers striptease, sex onsite and escort too. It is the most relevant brothel of its kind and one of the best brothels in Vienna overall.

There is no entry fee in Sexclub Maxim Wien. The brothel is open every day from 9pm to 6am (6:30am on weekends), however they keep open if people want to stay with the girls longer. There isn’t a specific dress code that’s required; casual is okay.

Basic information about brothel Maxim Wien

The Maxim website has a portfolio of all of the girls that work (or have previously worked) at the brothel. Each girl has a separate profile that shows basic information about the ladies, plus their pictures. All of the images on the Maxim site are real. Some pictures might be retouched a bit here and there, but what you see is what you get most of the time.

Currently (as of October, 2017), Maxim has a very strong lineup of girls. Many of their sexworkers have returned to the brothel after their summer vacation. They also have many new girls who have probably worked in other cities and countries. This results in a strong lineup, full of sexy ladies to choose from. Some of my personal favorites right now are Georgina, Carla and Erika.

Georgina, Carla and Erika from Maxim
Georgina, Carla and Erika from Maxim

The price for half an hour with a girl in Maxim has been recently upped from €120 to €150. A full hour is still €200 and there are no other price changes as far as we know. The VIP rooms are still €280 and the first hour for an escort is €250. Maxim also offers bachelor, birthday and divorce parties for their clients. Everything you need to know can be found under the Erotic Events section on Maxim’s website.

Contrary to popular belief, there are no lap dances offered in Maxim, which means that they aren’t a real strip club. We have heard rumors that lap dances might be introduced soon, but there have not been any official announcements yet.

Just like in any other gentlemen’s club in Vienna, clients have the option of sitting down and drinking with the ladies. There are many drinks on offer and the girls appreciate it when guys invite them for a drink. Even though this isn’t a must, it can have a positive impact on the service that you will be getting in the room. It also makes the whole experience more exciting and erotic.

Maxim works hard to stay fresh and it is all over the media. They have hosted some great events, and there have been charity events for a good cause among their former parties. Some of the parties that were hosted in Maxim Wien are the Miss Maxim 2017 Contest (galleries: part 1 and part 2) and the Rocky Horror Erotik Show (galleries: part 1, part 2 and part 3)

The interior of brothel Maxim Wien

Maxim Wien isn’t just a brothel, but it’s a nightclub as well. This can also be seen in the interior of the establishment. Music is constantly being played by a resident DJ, who even starts singing when the time is right. This makes for a very comfortable and fun atmosphere in the brothel.

The club has multiple strip poles and a stage where girls dance to present themselves for the guys. It is not rare to see a girl on the stage, but don’t expect non-stop dancing. Some of the girls are great dancers (for example Carla), while others not so much. Either way, one can get a picture of what to expect later in the room.

Maxim Wien isn’t a small, crowded space either. There are sofas with tables all over the place (sometimes there’s a certain cover charge or minimum spend on the tables), plus there’s a bar with bar stools all around it. There’s also a second bar in a different part of the brothel, called Erotikgarten. This is a section where clients can be more discrete with the girls, rather than talking in the middle of everyone else. The Erotikgarten is only active when it’s necessary.

There are two rooms in the Erotikgarten and the rest of the rooms are upstairs. Maxim has recently announced that they are renovating these rooms in the nearby future. And let’s face it, a renovation for some of the rooms was long overdue.

Maxim Wien interior

Why is Maxim Wien the best brothel in Vienna?

Brothel Maxim Wien doesn’t look or feel like a cheap brothel or studio. The prices might be a bit higher than what you would expect in other brothels, but the service and beauty level is higher too. If you take into consideration the central location of Maxim, it is one of the cheapest brothels in the area. Maxim is a contemporary and respectable club, and most importantly, it is legit. They do not cheat with the pictures on their website and they respond to customer service in due time. The staff is also very friendly most of the time. You can easily ask the bartender or the receptionist for any information about the girls. They might even recommend a lady for you based on your likes.

Maxim has an excellent customer service team; the brothel can be reached via email or phone. During the day, the phone is mostly handled by a male receptionist who is quick and efficient. The bar staff takes over the night shift customer calls and they all speak English almost flawlessly. The answers that you get if you call are true and not exaggerated. They do not lie about their girls; they won’t say that Lolita is available when she isn’t, for example. You can find all the necessary information on their Contact us page.

In addition to the brothel, Maxim also operates an escort service where clients can book some of the girls that work in the club. The ladies are also available for hotel escort service. Maxim is one of the last brothels to have a highly functional and well-run escort agency too. Booking a girl can be done all through the website. Check out the Maxim escort service page.

Maxim Wien has also received a lot of praise on local sex forums, websites and blogs. There’s a reason why their customers and happy; this really is one of the best brothels in Vienna.

The Maxim website

The Maxim website is very helpful when it comes to gathering information about the club and the girls that work there. You can see what to expect even before going in. Unfortunately, this isn’t true for all Wien brothels.

You can also look at previous and upcoming events, promotions, the official Maxim blog, you can sign up for the Maxim newsletter and do much more on the website. They also have event galleries full of photos. Maxim’s social media presence has also improved a lot in recent months. They are regularly updating their Facebook page,  so be sure to follow them if you want additional information about this brothel in Vienna.

Final words about brothel Maxim Wien

All in all, Maxim is currently one of the best brothels in Vienna. They have a nice establishment, pretty girls and most importantly, girls that work with passion. The prices might be higher than in other places, but you pay for what you get. I highly recommend trying Maxim Wien out at least once, to see what you personally think of it.

We have already reviewed Maxim five years ago, in 2012. Since then, a few things have changed in this brothel in Vienna. For example, their website was completely revamped and they opened two additional rooms. They have also introduced a BDSM room for their kinkier clients. If you want to read our old review about brothel Maxim Wien, be sure to follow the link.

Maxim Wien BDSM Room

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